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[SA] How to use added IFP for added vehicles?


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Lately, i started playing GTA SA Again and i found out that i can add MOD vehicles instead of replacing it. And it works, i succesfully added around 60+ vehicles.


I found this old unique fagio mod, hoverboard, and i wanted to add it:



i want to add this hoverboard mod instead of replacing it with faggio. but there is one problem, this mod requires to replace the original faggio animations (bikev.ifp), i don't want to do it because i don't want my faggio and my future added vehicles that use faggio's animation use hoverboard's animation. so, i changed the hoverboard's bikev.ifp to bikew.ifp, so it doesn't replace the original bikev.ifp. And then i added the bikew.ifp to gta3.img and anim.img


I also changed the data in vehicles.ide that set which animation used when the player gets into the vehicles:

examples; 462,    faggio,        faggio,        bike,        MOPED,        FAGGIO,        bikev,    moped,        10,    0,    0,        16, 0.464, 0.464,    -1

to this:

462,    faggio,        faggio,        bike,        MOPED,        FAGGIO,        bikew,    moped,        10,    0,    0,        16, 0.464, 0.464,    -1


and after that, i also added other lines in other data (carcols.dat, handlings.cfg, etc).


after i did everything that i usually do to add MOD vehicles, i started the game. then i tried to spawn the hoverboard with fastman92's car spawner mod, but then the hoverboard didn't spawned and the game kinda freezed (i can't control the vehicle spawner menu (return, select cars, etc), but the game still run (the peds still walking, the vehicles in the road also fine) and i can select escape to pause the game).


I recheck everything i've done and doesn't find anything wrong. and then i decided to randomly download IFP EDITOR. and then i used it and randomly decided to edited the Internal IFP Name of my bikew.ifp to BIKEW (it was BIKEV before). and then i replaced my old bikew.ifp in gta3.img and anim.img with the new one.


And then i started the game again and tried to spawn it and.... IT WORKS!!! but sadly, there is still one problem, the animation of my new hoverboard is still the old faggio's animation, Despide everything that i've tried.  and then, i decided to download another IFP Tools called Anim Manager, but this one you can preview the animation, and the bikew.ifp looks fine...


So yeah, how can i use my added IFP to my Added Vehicles????



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I'm not good adding new animations on gta sa, but which limit adjuster are you using?, OLA or FLA?, I think it doesn't work because the game don't reconigze the new animation.

If you're using fastman92LimitAdjuster you have to increase this limit


; IFP (180)
FILE_TYPE_IFP = 180  # I have no idea how this works, but try it.


And other thing can be because of the handling line, I've downloaded that mod and I found this:

MOPED 500 120 5.0 0.0 -0.00 -0.23 103 1.8 0.9 0.48 3 250.0 65.0 5.0 R P 14.0 0.50 0 22.0 1.0 0.15 0.0 0.12 -0.17 0.5 0.0 0.0 0.11 10000 01001200 00000002 0 0 5

The last char its the animation id, I have no idea if you have to increment or add a new id for the new animation that you created.

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