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was gta really caused by a glitch???

captain jack sparrow

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captain jack sparrow

so i have heard that gta was caused by a glitch in race'n'chase is this true??????or just a false rumor????????

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This is the wrong channel for this type of discussion but kind of. Race'n'chase IS the GTA1, a very early prototype of the game.

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captain jack sparrow
2 hours ago, omigawail said:

This is the wrong channel for this type of discussion but kind of. Race'n'chase IS the GTA1, a very early prototype of the game.


but does what the youtube channel"gameranx"says about gta is true??????

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If I remember right the story goes that Race'n'Chase was the original game, a racing game with police chases and stuff but people found the police chases more fun than the racing. That idea evolved into GTA.

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From what I know Race'n'Chase was a game where you were ment to drive a police car for stopping criminals. During the development DMA Design dicovred a bug in a mission that let the player play as a criminal who has to escape from police. Apparently developers had a lot of fun playing around with this glitch, so they decided to use Race'n'Chase's existing assets for a new project: that project, of course, would have been Grand Theft Auto.

Wasn't DMA Design very connected to Nintendo in the '90? I heard somewhere that the 1st GTA should have been a Nintendo 64 exclusive but, due to some misunderstanding with the big N for a game called Body Harvest (N64 exclusive), DMA decided to make its projects available on other platform too. If you want a complete version of the story (with also some former DMA developers), I highly suggest you to watch this video:


Edit: I didn't know about this video, again Game Brain talked with some ex DMA developers... Quite an interesting story this one too:


Edited by Wolver_321
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