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Re-uploaded Mod Sites (GTAALL & GTAViceCity)[Upd]


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Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! since I don't know which is the best place to post this, I have decided to do it in this section since it's related to modding.


As many of you should know, GTAALL (.ru, .com, .com.br, etc), a modding webpage created in 2011, it's one of those sites (being part of GTAViceCity.ru) where users re-upload or make download mirrors of our mods without permission, most of the times separating/dividing the files and even damaging them. 


Since those sites doesn't have a proper contact form (as opposite to LibertyCity.ru where they do got one), I've started a research looking for information about the owner of the site and just today found his email. My idea is to contact him asking first why there's a lack of support in his sites (I've even made an account there but not even users got support or a messaging system) and then, ask him for the removal of my mods which where uploaded without permission. 


I'm not against those sites but when they start to profit with our work without permission (which is already happening), that's unacceptable. And that's actually the main reason why they re-upload our mods separating the files, because the more mods they got under their names, and subsequently, the more clicks they got, the more profit they receive. 


I've been monitoring those sites and noticed that they mainly re-upload mods for GTA SA & GTA V, and mostly from GTAInside (there are even some users that explicitly say "do not re-upload to GTALL" or even upload their mods with stuff against those sites)


But well, hope to know your thoughts and with a bit of luck we can finish with this issue. 


Update: When downloading a mod from those sites you will find a feedback contact form. That's the closest thing to an actual support form but it's still really limited and mainly related to the current mod you're about to download. 


After reading the email reply of the site's owner, he stated the same, that both sites got a feedback form where you can freely request for help or in this case, the removal of certain mods. 


The problem is that even after requesting the removal of the mods, if you ever release new stuff, a user there will re-upload it as always. 

Edited by Mysterdogg
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