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No Items Spawn anymore


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Hey guys im having a for me gamebreaking bug

i modded gta made it stable but after a while no peds gangsters or police officers drop money or weapons anymore :/


i hate to make a new game i rather wanna know how can i fix that mess?



thanks already

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2 hours ago, makusosan said:

 but after a while no peds gangsters or police officers drop money or weapons anymore :/

it depends to gta_sa.exe

i had similar phenomenon

when i load savegame, i have no money drop and no bloody decapitations

but i have it when i start new game

because the savegames was made with original gta_sa.exe for eu and the censoring was also stored, no matter if i play with hoodlum exe

but when i start new game with hoodlum exe, then i have money drop and bloody decapitation

Edited by ZAZ
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mate the thing is my heads still get off blood works etc its just no spawning on the save and when i start a new one its gone but i think i started 40 new games the last 10 days man haha

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It sounds like you've got a bad mod that's adding pickups to your save. When the pickup pool is full the dropped money and weapons can't spawn.

If you are into lots gang wars, it's possible for the dropped items that were left behind to clog the pickup pool. Revisiting areas of high activity will allow the game to clean up the expired pickups.


This tool can be used to view and edit your pickups in the save. It's possible to them delete too - I forget the exact settings. However, it's more useful for detecting which mods are adding pickups rather than a solution. It's hard to find all the junk in a pool of several hundred pickups.

Edited by OrionSR
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wow man OrionSR awesome y<ou made me a happy man !!


indeed i have gangwars installed here are my other mods guys i love your help


Here the modloader mods


90's pack AWP

some new Clocks 

Fixed Vertex

Lost Grove Members


Necklace New 1

Necklace New 2

peds enhanced

rosa project

russians and bikers

new peds pack 


sr1m pistols



 on cleo in modloader


7 dances

alhambra club money

buy props

death anims new

drink at bars

drinking 1.0

visible food

more money drop

nature bird sounds

oceans seagull sounds


rural business

russ & bikers

Smoke & drink

special adrenaline

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I wouldn't be especially suspicious about the gangwar mod adding pickups. But if you play the gang wars then normal game mechanics can clog the pickup pool. On a new game the pickup pool is nearly full anyway; it doesn't take many expired pickups to have a noticeable effect on dropped weapons and money. You can free up a lot of room in the pickup pool by collecting snapshots, horseshoes and oysters.


If a mod is adding pickups, then saving and reloading repeatedly will make the problem worse, which can make the extra pickups easier to detect with SASE.

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so in theory the game can free itself from the full pickup pool by visiting full areas collecting stuff etc.


also with the save game editor i downloaded it? is it easy to find the pickup section mate?




///// also what could cause my game crashing just because im playing my user channel?


i changed all files to mp3 named the tracks after numbers but still it crashs so weird man..

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If the problem is bad mods filling the pickup pool then get rid of the bad mod.


If the problem is a clogged pool due to dropped pickups then work on the collection pickups to increase the room available in the pool and revisit areas of high activity to allow the expired pickups to wake up and be removed. This bit is just normal maintenance, modded save or not. 


ZAZ mentioned the gore censor. The Savegame Editor 3.x can adjust this flag. And it has an awesome zone editor.


No idea on the mp3 other than, I'm pretty sure your issue is not part of the save file.

Edited by OrionSR
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