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On 4/9/2019 at 5:11 AM, uncommitedgamer said:

youre only twice the level of me because i played the first 2 years of gta and quit, so theres that. 


Teal color is just an option because we have all other colors you know? i actually checked and that was the only on that wasnt in the game except fluorcolor on rims. 


Also yes i can actually help you, because telling you to not be in total control isnt a skill requirement ingame. It was just an advice. Not beeing able to take it shows lack of comprehension.


My emblem has not been changed in years, and i dont really care that much. Theres a reason it was a norwegian flag on the logo everytime. I only use the color as an option like i said. But you seem to take this extremely personal, im not jelous of anything. You have nothing i would want, and you will never get anything i would want not even your friendship. 


For the record i have run a crew with several hundred players with invite only and a facebook forum with 6000+ people the first 2 years in gta, when the game was actual serious. It was a total waste of time like guilds are in world of warcraft which i also have run a few times. Its not worth my time and effort anymore and never was. 


Btw its You're and Your. I neither lack taste, intelligence or getting butthurt by a forumthread unlike you. I insult you over a forum, not a game. Know the difference. 

Why can't people respect that he only wants loyal crew members not people who jump around and not use the emblem or colors he wants.

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This whole thread reminds me of of b2k 

Edited by Ivoz
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On 2/1/2021 at 6:04 AM, Ivoz said:

This whole thread reminds me of of b2k 

yeah I hear they really big in the LGBTQ community, you go girl

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Oke nice did not know they were big there. But that explains why you keep bumping. Just know I support you and your lgbtq community.  Keep bumping you (can't assume gender) 

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playa hater fits you girl, bump

Edited by ALLWORLD19
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