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Was anyone disappointed Franklin didn't setup his own heist?


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All throughout the game it felt like Michael was mentoring Franklin and in Surveying the score Franklin says that he's picked up a couple things from Michael and you can see that. I was disappointed it pretty much went nowhere since I wanted to see Franklin take the lead and plan his own heist.

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That would've been great. It could've been reminiscent of CJ's heist in Las Venturas. Notice how the casino in V says "opening soon". :(


Lore-wise though, I think Franklin would be more interested in playing the stocks with Lester. Michael's way of making money through heists is pretty old-fashioned, don't you think?

Edited by pizzapizza
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Yes. We needed more heists in the game that weren't done for the FIB. In "Big Score" Franklin shows signs of independent thinking and improvement. A Shame that he didn't get his own heist. Could have helped his Character Development as well. 

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Highly. Tbh I thought a lot of the heists were kinda linear... Merryweather was okay at best (actually my most hated heist for the zero payout bit), I thought Paleto had potential for multiple routes but somehow that turned into yet another linear-ish mission and Blitz Play wasn't even a "heist" despite what the game classifies it as..

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It is rather disappointing, especially considering the fact that Michael eludes to Franklin being able to put together his own heist eventually when he calls him during one of the Jewel Store Heist setup missions. Definitely a missed opportunity. 

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Official General

I was more disappointed that Franklin didn't set up his own gang and criminal enterprise. It would have been so great to recruit homies for gang wars, buy and sell drugs, and more. But some heists were Franklin took his own boys for heists not connected to the FIB would have been very interesting also. Maybe rob some big Mexican drug guys for kilos of coke, rob the Ballas stash houses, or rob the small banks. 


It was like Franklin was simply handed a huge fortune and slice of wealth by just playing a moderate part in Michael's heist crew, it did not feel like Franklin had put in a lot of hard work and hustling to gain the big rewards. 

Edited by Official General
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i was disappointed that after Trevor enters the game (and especially after he moves out the hood)  Franklin takes a backseat to two extreme personalities and doesn't really get to showcase his own, his only real highlights are the endings. Its so bad that most people see that hes black and wears green and immediately peg him as CJ mk2 despite him sharing almost nothing else in common with CJ personality wise. But for that very reason they honestly could have made him a CJ clone and it may have been for the better, or better yet let Lamar take center stage. 


I think the best thing that can happen for him now is to be featured as a main character/mission giver in the next game, let him be a big boss running his own sh*t. If they do it in modern Vice City with a protagonist that looks like he walked straight out of soundcloud it would be a perfect match. 

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Yes I´m, imagine stealing some goods from Ballas .

There is also a lot missed opportunities with gang wars .I get headaches from FIB stuff, but these few gang missions were crazy and full of adrenaline.

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  • 10 months later...

What could he have robbed? I think the Casino robbery would have been great if it didn't go to online.

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Franklin was too busy eating chips in his big mention. The guy didn’t even have his own missions, he always stood near Trevor and Mike then said “yeah cool homie”. That was his dialouge in the whole game. We don’t know anything about the guy. Weird thing is, he has the missions that feel like Gta the most.....About Heist, i doubt you’d need more money after hitting the UD like that but before that, there coulda been little things.

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Yep old third wheel Franklin. The game needed more missions to allow all the protagonists to shine properly. 

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This is the result of adding three main characters/protagonists to the short story.Franklin began to stay in the background after Trevor arrived.

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I mean... When Michael said to Franklin that one day he could set up his own scores... maybe he meant Franklin robbing Liquor Stores.


Edited by Ronald Reagan
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