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Cops n Crooks V

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The famous and awesome mode from GTA 4 is now back in GTA Online using FiveM MP mod. Not just back but enhanced with exclusive features.


Exclusive features (compared to GTA 4 CnC):

- User Map creator. Users can create their own getaway locations.

- More variety of getaway vehicles, not just boats and helicopters.

- Hints at possible getaway locations for Cops.

- Possibility to join mid-game.

- Can start the game with only 2 (or even 1) players.


Gameplay videos:








As for now, the server is offline. We need enough people (at least 6-8 per weekend) that are really interested and willing to play.

Post here or send me a message if interested.


To play this mod you need to have FiveM installed.


P.S. I'm not a developer of the mod, just a player.

Edited by GLR21
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Crimson Flam3s

I would be interested 

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I can thoroughly recommend this.


Cops 'n Crooks in IV is the finest multiplayer experience I've ever known, combining team play, strategy and high pressure winner takes all intensity. It was a travesty they didn't bring it to GTA V's Online. Apparently one was in the works but R* canned it.


Sadly I don't get much time for online gaming these days, but I have tried this, and it's excellent in my opinion - a faithfully recreation in Los Santos of the original mode - programming lead is Klingni, a CnC veteran who played it on the PC from day one.

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Hell yeah, I am totally in for this gig. Count me in, I AM ALL EARS ON THIS ONE. I have been looking and looking for a player to play the role of a Police Officer. Let's change things up a bit on this game.

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