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[SA] Collision Problem!


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I have successfully created a map mod but its collisions are really odd. I am encountering random invisible collision and collisions are supposed to be attached with the building but it's not. Do you have any idea how to fix this?


Please, reply fast! 

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7 minutes ago, Springfield said:

Would anyone like to reply?


first because of this

second because your information is bullsh*t, how should we know what you did?

describe exactly what you did

did you modify ipl files?

did you modify ide files?

did you modify gta.dat?

did you modify col files?

did you add or replace dff files?

did you add or replace txd files?

did you rename any files inside of img archiv?




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something that i keep in mind when doing collisions are to reset the orientation (xyz) and place object on 0,0,0. you also want to avoid using collision models higher than a certain polycount, my experience is that anything above around 2k polys can cause it to be semi corrupted, and so doorways etc may be blocked even though the dff and col mesh are 'properly' made.


you can use Reset XFORM to reset rotation values to 0,0,0. make sure that the col has same pivot as the dff.

Edited by Tut Greco
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Just to make things more clear:


I am using Google Sketchup 2019 Pro version and I am using 3ds max 2018 with Kam's script 2017. Everything looks good but I am encountering random invisible collisions in my way even there is no object in front of me and I didn't create any ipl file. I have imported my new map and place it using MED. 

Edited by Springfield
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How did you import new map? did you just change one dff?

Also, MED did the ipl modification for you

Can you tell if you did the placement in that way of just one object or two or 3 or 4 or 5 or 50?

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I found a way to edit the placement of collisions (vectors) using Collision Editor for GTA SA but is there no other way to fix this so I should not open the editor every time just to fix collisions?


and I followed this method of importing and exporting models: 


Note: Exporting .col (collision file), I didn't follow this topic since it tells you the old way to export the col file. I am using the new version of Kam's script so I have exported the col file just like everyone do in the new version of 3ds max and Kam's script.

And I have created many objects and declared them to be a 'single unit' (many objects in one dff) file. 



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