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SUGGESTION - Free Roam Grief-Reduction



Hi there,


So... my first impressions of RDO were... not that great. It felt like a mess of a Westworld as opposed to that "life in the West" feel that I have from singleplayer and I believe was the vision at some point for RDO.


Just to say it outright, I enjoy PvE content often more than PvP, or particularly when it comes to Open World/Free-roam environments trying to create some sense of Role-play/immersion.


My suggestion, which I think would be of great value, is "simple" and tries to make use of existing mechanics for easier implementation/testing:


- In Safe Zone(town)/Camp with White Flag, or otherwise "Neutral" Territory:   

1. Hostile actions (ie: being able to shoot another player in the face) is ONLY available if:

           a. Instigating player "Antagonizes" (via social command) another --- AND --- b. that player "Antagonizes" them in return

           b. Upon initiation of hostilities, each player AND all of their Posse/gang-mates may now target each other


By this method a, call it consentual, "duel" (be it a bar fight, or semi-arrange/arranged gang vs. gang shootout across town for control in the area to bring in trade-goods, lets say) may be initiated in a more respectable manner with more common sense than running into a General Store and shooting a guy int he head for no reason just because it's fun. This gives the "Victim" a chance to decline/run away if he's not up for the scrap (which to be honest, I probably would be in most cases anyways just for fun, if I was approached in this manner).


By this manner also, "hostility periods" could be longer lasting (perhaps a posse/gang leaders would have to "socially" (via interaction) acknowledge a ceasefire for it to end.. or after 30mins-1hr of no hostile actions between posse'/gang.



- In Wilderness/Hostile Territories, Red Flag Camp (POIs and big game/score areas/events):

2. Hostilities are allowed immediately without hesitation as before


This keeps the "tension" of going out into the wild, and with the new hidden map system, a sense of "looking over ones shoulder" when heading out to make a few bucks. Anyone with a wagon, or performing a robbery outside of major towns, hunting and carrying game are all still at risk and would feel pressure to get back to a "Neutral" territory as quick as possible.. or run the risk to be out longer, perhaps in popular areas, for greater rewards at cost of greater risk.


In short, you  still don't  lose the highway robbery mechanic and bandits can camp out along main roads waiting for victims still, but at least in this case, if the target DOES safely make it back to town, they actually have a fair chance to cash out at the shop keeper, instead of being chased into town and having their head blown off anyways in spite stealth efforts, or whatever other tactic.



*** The CONS of this mechanic ***

Handling NPCs and hostilities in a town, such as the Law and if a posse wishes to truly take over a town, or orb a bank, or w.e at some point, is unknown to me the best way to do this.... perhaps:

3. Players don't get dragged into NPC vs. player combat unless they fire on an aggressing player (which they'd be free to do so once a bounty is on their head/in active combat with "neutral" targets).. ie: The posse attacking the town, cannot shoot a random player who is not involved, nor their posse mates, until that player/posse shoots at them first (which they'd be allowed to do once flagged for a bounty)


This allows Posse's still to attack settlements/towns, but run the risk of having "uncontrollable" players i the area who may jump in at any time unpredictably... they can't just kill everyone blindly anymore until they leave/quit and call it a "win".



Those are my thoughts, I "think" it's a pretty simple way to reduce the large majority of briefing. the blind map was a good start, but this could "finish the bill" in my opinion to be just enough griefing-mitigation that PvE players can still enjoy Free Roam, but still be ushered into a sense of risk from other players, especially when outside of "Safe Zones" which is where all the money would be really. it also forces players to think smart and organize in a town before heading out, and plan their ways out/in assuming there's a lot of guns waiting along the roads close-by just outside of town waiting for their paydays to return.



*If you agree, please reply and build some momentum to the idea so there's a shred of a chance of implementation!


*If you disagree, I won't have my ego bruised, it's the internet after all, but please reply with your thoughts and perhaps alternative suggestions that perhaps build on this concept in a constructive manner. There may be a better solution after some compromise/further insight!


it's up to us, the players to make it clear what we need to see to be satisfied. Not everyone will be full, but there certainly has to be something better than the way things are now in RDO, and I think the Devs are on board with this and have been/still are working hard on this right now after significant upsets to date. Let's hope they find these notes and truly consider them! Now's the time more than any :)


~ Ebeneezer_Black





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