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RIP Arena Wars.


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23 hours ago, CoachDub25 said:


I wouldn't bother playing Arena Wars at all if I were you, seeing how much you absolutely hate it.


Definitely not my favourite DLC, especially the cost of upgrading and experimenting with vehicles, but there are parts of it I really like too.

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White Shark

I like my Sasquatch, Cerberus, Brutus, ZR380 and Scarab, plus the AW mines.  Good fun and quite useful for different situations.  Some of the clothing was pretty good too.


However, the prices were shocking, the Trade Prices IMPOSSIBLE to unlock and the most blatant RNG grind in the whole game, and the game modes became boring quick, were tedious, paid out utterly sh*t rewards, ranking up AP is the most arduous thing in this game, and no one plays the modes anymore so you they're now redundant.

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12 hours ago, D9fred95 said:

I dunno, I feel like I'm the only guy who liked the Arena War modes the way they are and I'm the kind of guy who hates adversary modes. Adds tension for all players I guess since GTAO has always favored rich kids over people with less dough. You could drive a maxed out custom car in AW but if you aren't careful, you could still get taken out by an RC car or something.


Now I've tried both the Sasquatch and the Deathbike and I've come to the conclusion the Deathbike is worse. It's super agile ad speedy, appropriate for a bike. Yet if I remember correctly, it comes with guns by default which no other default car has. It has about the same amount of health as some of the other cars and you can only fall off it by driving up a wall yourself. Combine all these together and a recipe for disaster has been created.

I'd have to admit that between the Sasquatch and Deathbike being OP, it's pretty much 1 and 1a. Imo, the bike's advantages are somewhat balanced with it's weaknesses. It will rarely survive an explosion, and will almost never survive a drone emp and detonate maneuver, which pretty much negates them in Games Masters and Tag Team. It can't withstand 1 blow from a mine or explosive barrel 9 times out of 10. Anytime a bike is on your tail and pumping lead into the rear of your vehicle, the best counter is usually to just stand on the brakes. It won't save you but will usually take out the bike that's shooting right with you. Same when blades are mounted on a bike. You can inadvertently make contact to a vehicle with low health and as it goes, so do you and your bike 90% of the time.

 The rider doesn't fall off the bike yet it's the only one that takes significant damage from stock vehicles ramming it. Whereas to ram a Sasquatch is a suicide in most vehicles.

I'd have to say Hot Bomb is where the Bikes have the most blatant, clear-cut advantage. If you come across one in Carnage, who's strategy is to just run like a punk b----, that's when you just suicide like a punk b---- and take the cash. Bikes have an advantage in Wreck It as far as speed and then combine their agility and slender size to avoid traps, but their susceptibility to mines and other explosions helps to balance that out.

All that being said, a properly utilized and fully modded Sasquatch can typically dominate a deathbike in a Carnage 1 on 1 situation. A properly utilized Squatch can make and break teams in Flag War and Bomb Ball also.


I agree that GTAO favors those willing to spend cash to either gain a head start, or keep up with the Joneses. But that's pretty much all video games anymore. Not spending any extra money is what I consider 'beating the game' these days. But to each their own. I personally don't care for most of the game modes and don't care for any of the 'shooter' modes. I like a few adversary modes like Sumo Remix, Deadline, Turf Wars, and Overtime Rumble. Then I tolerate a few others just because of the payouts. I like racing more than anything else and mainly stick to the vehicle based game modes.


Arena just needs to be expanded upon and sooner rather than later. Some of it was fun for a minute, but became redundant pretty quickly. They could add some new events, new versions of old events, and/or add some new vehicles. Any and all new content is more than welcome, but a couple good places to start would be to 1. fix the Carnage glitch, 2. put a timer on flag carriers in Flag Wars, 3. award AP in user created arena events and allow these events to be replayed so that we may actually experience people's creations.


4. Nerf the damn Sasquatch one way or another. People just quit the Flag Wars and Bomb Balls because of Monopoly level ownership. I shouldn't be winning (or losing lol) Flag Wars by double digit margins every time. I shouldn't be winning BBs by 50 or more points all the time. This thing has too many tools, too much fire power.


For all the Arena newbs and people that are getting their jollies griefing in the Arena,Sasquatch is what you want although the return on the investment is minimal. So, 5. up the dang payouts in the Arena.

Edited by CoachDub25
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Fun for a while, but got redundant fast. I do like the fact though we can use different colour headlights.

Edited by Toreno23
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Even the 3X GTA$ & RP this week won't save it. Even if R* extended the special for another week.


This mode was on life support the instant it vaped out the witless cranium of the dev who conceived it. And was DOA long before it hit the design board.


Edited by PkUnzipper
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Bruce Khansey

With such a high paywall, no doubt it wouldn't have lasted after double $ were no more.


Some cool cars (IMPERATOR) and more garage space is what I basically got.


Oh, I also enjoyed making quite a good amount of money playing Bomb Ball and scoring with the machine guns, especially during double $ on bunker sales week.

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Haven't played GTAO since RDR2 was released. Thought I would try Arena wars again today. Two players, including myself, a third joined in at last round. This seem to be the problem with a lot of the new stuff R* adds. They only last during the multiplier bonus events.

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  • 1 month later...

Like the guy above me, I've also been away from GTAO since RDR2 came out, but I installed it again in the weekend.


Decided to try out Arena War, expecting some sort of ridiculous paywall, because it's GTAO. Fair enough, I had a sh*tload of money, and for some reason got 6 millions just for logging in.


And it's fun, for now at least. And sessions are mostly full every time.


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