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Arena War Map Editor

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hey there,

i just wanted to try out the new Map Editor and ... mmhhh...


› Is it right that i can only use R* generated "Arena Templates"?

› Is it possible to make a simple Race without 100 Checkpoints?!

› Does winning in Selfmade Maps counts on the AW-Tier-Levels?

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-Yes, only the R* templates are available. 12 for Apocalypse, 10 for Future Shock and Nightmare. Although 11 and 12 for Apocalypse are pretty much the same.

-Unfortunately, one has to use at least a few checkpoints, even on the Wreck It templates, to keep traffic flowing in the proper direction. No traps can be placed for racing so without some creativity, these could be quite mundane.

-No AP is awarded so, the templates and the arena props are all we have been given the privilege of utilizing.


To where I applaud most anything at all that is given to us in the form of DLC and especially in a creator, the Arena Creator leaves so much to be desired that it is maddening. No AP awarded makes it undesirable for players to try out created arena content. You can't replay your job so it is virtually impossible to fill a lobby with 16 people, and then however many one can manage to get into their particular lobby, are forced into one of the R* arena events after completing the created job.


Only Arena vehicles can be used in created arena jobs which leaves one to question why there is no AP awarded. No Bandito RC btw. This is another major disappointment. The apocalypse setting makes for a great opportunity to create some legit Off-road/Dirt Bike races, which is lacking elsewhere in the game. Yet, these vehicles aren't available which makes no sense if we aren't going to be awarded AP in created arena content.


No Ap, no traps, no possibility of filling our lobby unless we take a party or two in with us, and then no ability to replay unless we compile a playlist. No RC Bandito, no non-arena vehicles. All this means no real motivation to put forth the effort to create outstanding arena content. It's like they gave us a car with no engine, a boat in the middle of the desert, gravy with no meat or potatoes.


At least give us the Replay Option! Until we at least have the ability to replay, this pretty much sucks.


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