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Animal distribution and species inaccuracies.

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As I’ve been researching the fauna of North America because of this game, and in particular historic distributions of them, I’ve come to the realisation that many animals in Redemption 2 have wrong ranges and the game is missing several species that were common in the areas it’s meant to represent. 


Cougars, for example. Cougars should be widely distributed all throughout the map’s more forested and mountainous regions, and be fairly common. Even extending into the grassy plains of the heartlands. The related panther, which I assume is meant to represent to now-extinct eastern cougar, should also be quite common all the way up to Roanoke Ridge. The legendary giaguaro panther is obviously a melanistic jaguar, which historically and rarely to day DOES appear in the US, but only in border regions of the US and Mexico. Principally in New Mexico and Arizona. Thus, it should only appear along the Rio Bravo, rather than in Lemoyne which is simply too far away. 


The grizzly bear was far more common in 1899 than today, with a range covering most of the US west of the Mississippi and down south well into Mexico [where the now-extinct Mexican grizzly is obviously native], and west into California. Why do you think the Cali state flag has a grizzly on it? Any forested region should have them.

black bears should be even more common, being spread across the entire map save for the desert, and including Lemoyne. They also are too small for some reason. Adult male black bears are 80-85% the size of a Grizzly. The ones in-game almost look like cubs. 


wolves. Wolves should be extremely common, far more than they are now. The species depicted are also not correct. The grey wolf appears to be a Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, native to Canada. They were imported to the US in the 20th century to serve as a surrogate for the extirpated species native to the region. The timber wolf is most likely meant to be an Northwestern timber wolf, and it too only made it to the US in the 20th century with reintroduction plans.

the correct species should be the now-extinct Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf which should cover the Grizzlies Big Valley and Tall Trees, the now-extinct Great Plains Wolf to cover the heartlands and Great Plains, the Red Wolf to cover Roanoke Ridge, and the Mexican Lobo to cover most of New Austin.



American Bison. As much as they are steeped in the lore of the old west, by 1899 they were almost exinct save for a few relic populations in Canada, Montana, and Wyoming. Having herds of them wandering about simply is an anachronism. 


American Alligators. They were nearly extinct by 1899, and thus are far too common. A side mission even references this, so having one every few yards is jarring. 


Bobcats, or the lack thereof. There’s simply no reason to not have bobcats in the game.


passenger pigeons. Although rare by 1899, they still certainly existed. And were much more common and widespread than the carolina parakeet. It’s nonsense that they don’t exist.


Wapiti/elk were much more common and widespread in the 19th century than they are now. Rockstar seems to have taken their knowledge of distribution based on their modern ranges. In 1899, they ranged from the deserts of Arizona to the Catskills of New York. The current species in-game is only the Rocky Mountain Elk, which only makes sense in the Grizzlies and Big Valley. And maybe Tall Trees. Throughout Roanoke Ridge should exist the now-extinct Eastern Elk, and throughout northern Cholla Springs the now-extinct Merriam’s Elk. 


Although there are three ‘hawks’ in the game, they’re not true hawks but instead buzzards. Some actual hawks such as the northern goshawk, along with other smaller birds-of-prey such as a variety of falcons and ospreys and kestrels would’ve been nice additions. We get hundreds of little songbirds and waterfowl, why not BoP?


Blacktailed hares/jackrabbits are only found in western deserts of the US, rarely branching into grassier plains and forests. NEVER in the east and only rarely in the north. In the far southwest they should be supplanted by Antelope hares and in the north by whitetailed hares. In the east, the only things you should find are various rabbit/cottontail species. Principally the eastern cottontail in Roanoke Ridge, the swamp rabbit in the bayou, the desert cottontail in New Austin, and the mountain cottontail in the north. 


White tailed deer were close to extinction by 1899, with less than a million left in the wild. They’re far too common, and spread far too westwards. They should only appear in Roanoke Ridge. At that time, any deer west of the Mississippi would’ve been a subspecies of the mule deer. Particularly in the Grizzlies/New Austin. 


Where are the groundhogs/marmots/woodchucks? What about the iconic prairie dogs? Porcupines? River otters? Martens?


of course, this list could go on and on with things like subspecies of squirrel and the countless types of small birds/fish/rodents/carnivores that wander the continent, both extinct and extant. I tried to keep this to the most glaring ommissions/mistakes. 

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Arthur Marston

Very well said!!

Another thing I was disappointed with was the lack of variety of fish species. There's only like 14 species of fish in the entire game! We only have 1 species of trout, 1 species of salmon, 1 species of catfish, and only 3 species of bass. I think they could've done a lot more with that. Also, does anyone else feel fishing is too easy?

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I'm surprised there's no wolverines in the game (in Ambarino at the very least) as they managed to get  as far south as California in the past.


Black bears also seem to be more timid than aggressive (which is mostly true), but then again, so are cougars, who are rather elusive and only attack when threatened (not saying they're not dangerous; they are) (they attack on sight in the game). Now I know it would be no fun if mountain lions rarely attacked in the game, but then again, why can't the black bear?


Bobcats, like you said, seem to be extinct in the game, despite appearing in RDR. They are in nearly every US state IRL, so I can't see why they're not in the game. 


The now critically endangered red wolf was found all across the southeastern part of the US, but don't appear in Lemoyne for some reason. They could easily be a replacement to the timber wolf, which is literally a gray wolf IRL.


Cougars don't seem to sneak up on you anymore, despite doing that in RDR and IRL.


Panthers also resemble puma kittens. See my post in another topic about this: https://gtaforums.com/topic/925111-panthers-in-the-game/?do=findComment&comment=1070654218


Pronghorn were uncommon back in the day but seem to be in abundance in the game (not saying they should be rare in the game; just saying they shouldn't be seen almost everywhere)


Moose were found everywhere across the northern US, yet rarely appear in the game.


Turtles also seem to only be found in swamps, despite them being found almost everywhere in the US


Edited by DirtCheap
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