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[XBOX ONE] Del Perro Export Co


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Platform: Xbox One


Del Perro Export Co


"Semper Pergendum"


Established February 25th, 2019,

"When Need Efsee came to America, he had a dream. Not to be employed, but an employer. Thankfully, the good international connections he made through his ex-employer back home helped him source an angel investor in San Fierro for his budding shipping business, Lobo Exports. The first iteration of his dream, through sweat equity and the help of new associates, thrived into a lucrative enterprise with millions in assets and cemented its place in Los Santos as a Exporting powerhouse.

Through all this, Lobo Exports relied heavily on the usage of SecuroServ's Temp Department, reporting only 1 full-time employee throughout its Tax reporting history (being Need, himself). Though he believes his business model works, Need is one to loathe complacency. Thus, he set about to meet the next challenge and complete his dream. To be the employer."

Before you is his proposal and goal.

To anyone with offices in; Lombank West or Maze Bank West.

Business is plentiful. But trade differences between companies can be costly for both. Therefore, I propose we unite all Export businesses in West Los Santos under the Del Perro Export Co name, resulting in the creation of the largest Export company in the State of San Andreas. Through numbers comes power

Logistically, all employees of Del Perro Export Co will be required to provide support to fellow employees, as well as sharing any equipment available. Associates will be expected to act cordially with any and all co-workers, conflicts must be immediately reported to a superior for mediation and/or resolution. Employees are expected to full fill all tasks to the best of their abilities during any work they are engaged in.

DPEC will be organized in a traditional leadership structure. Assistant Managers (Crew Rank 51) ascend to Representatives, Managers (CR 61) ascend to Lieutenants, General Managers (CR 71), Ops. Officer (CR 81) and Executives (CR 91)

As a full employee of DPEC, you will be provided the benefits mentioned above, and as follows:

Contract Services
Submit a name for cancellation, protection, or services.

Employee of the Month
Be recognized for your hard work for the Company.
• Receive a White Shark Card or 3-Months of Live
• Award Value: $20-25
(Subject to Change)

Gold Standard (Loyalty Bonus)
Loyalty is recognized in DPEC.
• Receive; 1 Month Gold, Red, Tiger or Bull Shark Card
• Award Value: $3-10
(Subject to Change)

Senior Privileges

Executive Auto Club
Standing invitation to all E.A.C meets and events
(Prizes are awarded at all Events following the Concours d'Elegance)

Command Presence
Take lead of our best fighters for any purpose.
• Duration: 1 hour

Voting Rights
Del Perro Export Co will be a democratically led venture.
• Only Senior employees (representing their subordinates) will hold a Vote in Company affairs.



Simba's story has been sourced through whatever means available (very rare), as he guards his past like a dog his bone. From what IS known, his family where casualties in a series of IAA sanctioned assassinations in the North of Mexico, seeking to clear resistance for a secure smuggling route to Los Venturas. His parents where organizer of a small guerrilla force of farmers that intended to defend their livelihood.


There is little information on his whereabouts after the tragedy. What is know is that he was embraced by an ascending drug lord that vowed to help him secure his vendetta. As he grew, he committed acts for his "family" that they have buried deeply, in fear of reprecussions from the local community which holds the organization on a hero's pedestal.


Rumors have been circulating Simba for years, but one, specifically, enshrined his notoriety. It's said he learned of someone involved in the assassination of his parents. 1 week later, the hospital building (along with the surrounding structures) which housed the daughter of the woman he suspected, who had just given birth, came down without warning. The newspapers and network news all noted the seemingly controlled demolition of the buildings. 4,500 confirmed dead, 5,000+ injured and 1,000+ still missing from the 5 building complex. Her entire family was present. When the rumor spread, he was elevated to Saint status by the sicarios from rival cartels promptly after. A rare occurrence, considering he was only 15 years old at the time.


But that's just the rumor. At the age of 18, Simba joined the Mexican Army for the sole purpose of acquiring more training, to become as deadly as possible, before going after the people that ruined his life. His records end at the age of 23, when he was recruited for the Army's Grupo Aeromovil Ductor de Fuerzas Especiales (Mexican Special Forces, unofficial black Black Ops). There are no records of his identity post age 23. We have heard of 1 Saudi Prince confirming he was seen in the Royal Palace delivering a moist cardboard box to King Fahad, 9 years ago.


Simba was sighted, again, 5 years ago. This time, dining with Wu Zi Mu, a suspected San Fierro Triad leader, before his migration to Los Santos (at the request of an unacknowledged source at the FIB). He is mentally unstable and prone to episodes of genocidal acts of violence. His time in Los Santos has included a short employment with the Security Consultant firm, Academi. The cause of his hasty departure from the company remains highly classified by 65 international government agencies.


UPDATE: I had the opportunity to speak to "Simba", in person. As I chatted with him, he casually jested that after the last "paid-for family", he didn't want to be in this business anymore. He was looking at a new establishment (possibly an auto shop), and new car projects. If not, he doesn't mind parking cars for a living.


"But that training and lust doesn't just go away." was the last he left me with before walking into the subway station.

UPDATE 2: As I stated at the beginning of this article, "Simba" guards his past furiously. Though I seem to have grown a repoir, as he contacted me recently with a job proposal as his Publicist. Seems he has begun a new venture in Los Santos and would like to guide the public eye.

Edited by San_Sicario
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you limit your bumps to once per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.




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