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New old west game to compete with RDO

El Payaso

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On 2/28/2019 at 9:57 AM, Labovasha said:

That is what I find really frustrating. The world is so detailed that they could of used a lot of the stuff to open up gameplay loops.Rockstar was on the right track when they added crafting and preset pick up and drop base camps. 

I is beyond stupid how they make everything from delivering mail and horse racing a murder simulator.


They could of put in activities where you relocate heards, break and deliver wild horses, set up your own plant pots and even have professions where you cook and craft items to sell to shops or supply other players so crews can have dedicated none combat roles. There could even been doctor type jobs and prostitution with mini games.

It is pathetic after realizing that these janky low rate survival games lets the players choose roles that have useful gameplay purposes that have nothing to do with PVP out do red dead online when it has more opportunities to do the same and more.


Obsi wrote: "Yup.  They have ranching mechanics in the game from the brief bit in SP.  Why not let players start their own ranch?   There are multiple mines around, why not let us mine?  Plants can be made into various things  - not everyone wants to spend their time racing, hunting animals or murdering people.   We can't even break wild horses to sell them.    We need other stuff to do!!!!!!!"


I suggested all this stuff & more, more than once...unfortunately not many liked any of my ideas, I guess everybody wants more of a shooter & less role-playing, professions, diversity in gameplay. 😞 But that's okay with me, cuz it's a wild west game on next-gen and that's what I've been wanting forever. I played and liked RDR1 but I always knew these kinds of graphics & gameplay would come one day and here they finally are! It may not be a popular game for many, but I friggin love it, warts & all. 


I still want a game that offers all that stuff I wrote about in other threads -- ranching, cattle drives, injun uprisings (with players on both sides), gold prospecting, owning saloons, federal marshal & town sheriff jobs, bounty-hunter jobs (be Josh Randall!!), stake mining claims and make passive money on gold or silver, own your own Wells-Fargo stage line & deliver payrolls and gold dust shipments (or guard 'em, working for said stage line, like Jim Hardie), or take buckboards & be a trapper like Festus in Gunsmoke...possibilities are almost endless.


If not, that's fine too. I can have fun role-playing anyway the way it is. I'm havin fun all kinds of ways. As long as the game doesn't die -- or get flyin cars & flyin bikes -- I'm more than happy. 😉

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