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[VC/SA] Fixing animation bugs and How to prevent all this stuff in 3ds Max


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You know this famous problem when some character in the game is "turning into a ball" for a split second or making a funny face when he's trying to play new animation:

https://thumb.gyazo.com/thumb/120_w/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpbWciOiJfZWZjMWE3ZmEzNDIyZjMwZGRkNWIyNTY0NTRlNzRkZTAifQ.IjUdU6GuFBhEq_DBlXi4DMzbyk2m3FXV6BO3ReAh6T0-gif.gif  https://i.gyazo.com/023fb6f64aed3d4715374127aa6dc447.png <<< All this happens because of "position keys" in animation.


All the bones except Root bone must have rotation(green on the track bar) keys only(for correct animation), so you need to delete position(red) keys for them.


You can do it by two ways.


1 - Manually:


1) Open “Mini Curve Editor”:


2) Select X Y Z Position Keys controllers:


3) Click somewhere in curves field and zoom out by mouse wheel:


4) Select all these keys in curves field by selection region or manually, if you’re KARAZY:


5) Press “Delete” on your keyboard... That’s it! Now you can close “Curve Editor”.



2 - OR you can use “Chars&Anim Helper” script:


1) Just select any bone:



2) Then press “Except Root” button in "Chars&Anim Helper" window to select all bones except Root bone, and then — press “Del Pos keys” button:


3) Ok, bones can have rotation(green, all bones) and position(red, Root bone only) keys but it's also recommended to delete scale(blue) keys for them.
Actually, I don't know how scale keys can damage your animation, because it seems the game doesn't read them.

Anyway - you can delete scale keys by pressing “Del Scale keys” button:


4) That’s it! All keys are green now!



To prevent any problems, you can disable the creation of any key except rotation ones before animation:


1) Just open “Filters” Dialog:


2) Then uncheck any filter except “Rotation”:


3) Then you can close this dialog:


4) Now you can animate! You can enable all filters any time again.



Also you can download this tutorial in a zip archive.

Edited by Shagg_E
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