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Which game is better in those categories?


Which R* games has the...  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Physics?

  2. 2. Best Sound Design?

  3. 3. Best Story

Recommended Posts

Which game do you think,wins in those categories(multiple choices available).You can also put something that proves your point,for example a video showcasing GTA4's physics over 5 ,song from RDR that you think is great...

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RDR1 & 2, GTA 4, MP3.




RDR1& 2, GTA 4.




GTA 4 ;)

Edited by 0223998743
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1 hour ago, 0223998743 said:



RDR1 & 2, GTA 4, MP3.




RDR1& 2, GTA 4.




GTA 4 ;)

Where did you get that artwork in your profile pic

Edited by Equatecurl
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Physics are all good apart from V


Sound is RDR2, Followed by RDR1


Story for me would probably be RDR1 




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Physics are all good. Best is RDR2 and IV is annoying and ruins the fun. 


Story goes to RDR2. 


Sound goes to V. 

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RDR 2 across the board. The single player has become one of my top 3 games of all time, right after Mass Effect 2 and New Vegas at number one. So it really surprised me, didn't expect to like it as much as I did, definitely didn't expect it to be in my all time top 3.

Edited by HeyThereFriend
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Guest Guest176525326

Best physics: RDR2 and GTA IV


Best story: GTA IV


Best sound: GTA V and GTA IV: TBOGT


Best game overall: RDR2

Edited by Guest176525326
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GTA IV still has the best physics of any Rockstar game to this day. Bailing out of a moving vehicle in that game is more satisfying than GTA V's entire story.


RDR1 easily has the best sound design, at least when it comes to dynamic score. RDR2 was lacking in this category, and felt lonely at times. Music is essential for creating atmosphere!


Best game overall... hard to say. Like as in gameplay, purely on fun factor, probably GTA V. Though I enjoy all Rockstar games almost equally, but for different reasons.

Edited by Vinewood Villain
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Just now, BoulderFaceplant said:

There should be a Music category, where RDR1 would destroy them all by a mile. 

I could not add more than 3 poll

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