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RC Bandito mines

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I can not figure out how to drop mines in the RC Bandito, I asked the question in the RC bandito appreciation thread with no answers. Can anybody help me out here? I want to drop mines that temporarily shut down vehicles by los santos customs it would be funny.

Edited by BOOGIEMAN219

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If it doesn't tell you in the top-left of the screen when you start using it, you've turned off tooltips in the Notifications menu of the Settings, or if it doesn't specify information about mines, you haven't bought any for it yet. 


You haven't stated what system you're on either. It should be right on the d-pad as far as I'm aware there. 

Edited by Gaffa

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No Use For A Name

It doesn’t drop mines, it has a mine attached to it that blows up the R/C with it. Takes about 3 seconds to detonate. On PS4 it’s the L1 button

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Spectre "2K"

you'd have to purchase EMP mines from the arena workshop before you can drop any, and you get a maximum of 3 mines per Bandito you call. Not to be confused with the explosives you can rig it with, which can explode after holding the detonate button.

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No Use For A Name

...oh. Oops. 

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Posted (edited)

Ok, i use this thread for my question:




Any suggestions for the most fun in lobbys?

The Kintetic are too weak to kill/destroy,

the EMP are pretty useless in Freeroam....



AND FFS, why are the Bomb not discounted in this Week?

Edited by lost-in-emotions

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I can't remember. I will get back to ya on this. What I do know is that the mines can only be used in freemode and not in races. Your personal RC cannot even be used in the Arena modes. Other than using the Bandito as a freemode griefing tool, it is pretty much a waste of GTA$ imo. I'm very disappointed in the RC to say the least....Then, compile the fact that we can't use it in the creators, and I regret buying it altogether.

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