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Arena War Vehicle Vertical Boost clarification

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Could someone confirm if the vertical boost percentage contributes to the increase in jump height or the cool down time between jumps?

If the former holds true, I will go ahead will down grade to the previous vertical boost upgrade to prevent the bike from jumping so high and loosing control. 


Also does anyone know of a working glitch to prevent the rider from falling off during collisions with objects. 

I now there is current a working glitch that if you take a motorcycle into the avenger then get off and start a heist, the bike retains the collection free ability in free-roam like when playing in stunt races. However I don't think this will not work with the deathlike because the Avenger being a arena war vehicle. Correct me if I'm correct. I don't have a Avenger to test so not 100% sure. 

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The Boost % is in relation to it's power - how high you'll get off the ground. 

The Avenger is a Doomsday Heist vehicle (not Arena War) but I'm not clued up about any other glitch to prevent falling off. 

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1) Yes, boost percentage determines the height of the jump. Also the height is different between vehicles but nothing too drastic. I have 60% on my ZR380 (for both freemode and Wreck It), and 100% on my freemode Deathbike, because the higher jump ability helps in completing time trials. But I can see how 60% jump might be more useful zipping thru/over traffic.


2) I'm fairly certain the Deathbike can't be modified in the Avenger, but I'll check later on when I play.

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As expected, you can't take a Deathbike into the Avenger.

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On 2/26/2019 at 10:29 AM, SummerFreeze said:

As expected, you can't take a Deathbike into the Avenger.

Nor can it be taken into the vehicles workshop on the moc. 

Apparently the never falling off bike worked with any pv stored in the moc but got patched however this was only if one optioned for the personal vehicle storage in the moc. I choice vehicle and weopons workshop thinking there would no point having a pv storage slot when i could calll my mechanic. 

I'm not going to buy an avenger if it's going to get patched within a few days or the next dlc. 

I wish rockstars would applied the same physics in races to free roam with motorcycles. 

Truth is the death bike would not be so popular in arena wars were it not for it ability to remain unaffected when hitting objects or other vehicles. 

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I've noticed that one can sustain bigger jumps with the Deahtbike than, say, the Sanchez or BF400.

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