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GTA IV and V are reimaginings of III and SA respectively


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Something I noticed when I was playing the 3D era games recently I realized how similar IV and V were to III and SA. It wasn’t just location but also many story, mission and characters that made me think that the HD games are in a way a reimagining of the 3D games


Note when I say reimagining I mean it is sort of like a remake/remaster except they change a lot more than just graphics. However the stories all parallel each other a lot


Comparisons between III and IV:  

  • Both set in LC
  • Both maps are almost entirely city and skyscrapers
  • Both have darker tones and atmosphere
  • Both are revenge stories 
  • Both protagonists end up becoming an errand boy for various criminal groups
  • Both protagonists are stoic stone cold killers (obviously Niko is more expressive than Claude)
  • Both have many missions focused on assassinating X target 
  • Both lack extensive customization to both vehicles and characters
  • Both had spray and pay garages 
  • Both lack planes (though IV had helicopters)
  • Both lacked properties

Moving onto V and SA

  • Both set in Los Santos/San Andreas
  • Both have a vast diversity of geographic locations (cities, small towns, beaches, deserts, forests) 
  • Both feature a young black protagonist wanting to escape the hood life part of Groove Street
  • Both have family issues (Michael also fits this category)
  • Both have a companion who urges them to continue to stay in the Grove Street Family
  • Both have a GSF member defect to the Ballas
  • Both have corrupt government officials use leverage on the protagonist(s) to do what they want
  • Both have semi RPG elements (though SA was obviously much deeper)
  • Both have much crazier and more unique missions
  • Both have a mission about breaking into a US military base to steal a large helicopter for a heist 
  • Both had very diverse maps
  • Both have a huge amount of player and vehicle customization 
  • Both have a huge amount of side missions and activities 


I could go on but I think you get the point. I do find it really interesting how similar the games story beats hit as well. Obviously there would be similarities but considering a lot of the parallels it makes me feel like I’m playing a reimagined version of the older games on IV and V. I don’t think it’s bad and I kind of think it’s pretty cool and interesting. Just throwing this out there

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Personally, while I do think that GTA IV has a fair share of III re-imagining (despite the differences), I don't really count on GTA V as being a "re-imagination" of San Andreas, due to the former's overdone goofiness, and aside from the underdevelopment of the antagonists, the gang-banger protagonist that was supposed to be a "successor" of Carl Johnson's gang life didn't stand out neither. The whole gang life part itself was almost non-existence. As for San Andreas, the gang theme didn't last long neither, but among its chapter lifestyles, it was the biggest one of them, given the fact that both first and last chapters were centered on it, whereas the other occupations are covered only in a chapter for each.


But however, I agree on the aspects you mentioned.

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