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Recommended Posts


This is my guide for players that sell in a solo public lobby (and or) are tired of traveling all around the map to resupply. 

If you sell in solo lobby Lone Wolf style you should buy all your businesses in town. 

This method is very efficient and time saving. If you are tired of bad locations this is for you. 

I know some like the peace of being away from the city that's nice. You can always visit the boondocks anytime.

I know it doesn't take as long to travel across the map now, however this setup makes things go lighting quick.
In this city guide you can bounce from spot to spot quickly to sell, check levels, resupply, pick up cash etc.

When I am doing crates I park my Terrorbyte in the block between my 2 crate warehouses to cut travel time


You can’t spawn at a MC Business so I have an Apt. right across the street from the one’s I own.

Weed only open during 1.5/2X selling and not a wise purchase at any location

I have the exact same setup on my 2nd character minus the Weed ,CEO and Vehicle warehouses.

This setup is great for AFK 15K resupply method also. 

If you don't have time to sell just switch over to 2nd character and your money continues to grow no slow down. LywtA0H.jpg

I sell everything in full loads solo except the Nightclub. 

I like the Speedo it is the best delivery vehicle for Nightclub selling and also fits in with the 14 or 20 hour sell method. (Thx Jason Stanfield) 



I reject selling missions that are not conducive to a full solo sell such as 3 Post op vans , 4 Dune buggy etc. 
I use MKII or Hydra to get back and forth to the next selling vehicle 
A bonus to this set up is the businesses close proximity to the Nightclub I have managed to pull over 12.4 Million out of the safe just by switching DJ's at 10K a pop, while keeping popularity up and only having done just 7 popularity missions.


If you need a Facility buy the Grand Senora Desert one. Modded Sandkings spawn in game at Larry's Auto Sales as you drive out of the Facility. You must have at least 1 Sandking XL parked in Facility. Every car I tested spawned in a Sandking. They will spawn (9am to 1700 hours). Thats 18K just to drive across the street to sell it. 


I AFK/Heist freelance/or do 2X events if they are money makers during non-selling or buying supplies.

I did once own the cheapest vehicle warehouse and 2 of cheapest CEO Crates warehouse but those locations are bad. 

I have found this setup to be better for time management irl and in the game. 

I know a number of solo sellers with these same locations they like them as well.


Nightclub: Downtown Vinewood  I like this location because it is closest to northern drop offs

MC Clubhouse: Downtown Vinewood check stock levels and make money when 2X MC Contracts

Coke: Morningwood / Del Perro Heights Apt.7 to spawn close

Meth: El Burro Heights / 12 Sustancia Rd. to spawn close

Counterfeit Cash: Vespucci Canals / Bay City Ave. Apt.45 to spawn close

Weed: Downtown Vinewood / Nightclub, MC Clubhouse or Las Lagunas Apt.4 to spawn close

Crate Warehouse Sm: West Vinewood

Park Terrorbyte between the two Crate Warehouses when doing crates 

Crate Warehouse Lg: West Vinewood

CEO Office: Arcadius in the middle of everything. Asst. can call in the Sandkings to sell

I/E Vehicle warehouse in La Puerta.

Bunker: Farmhouse easier to get to town for selling full loads 

Facility: Grand Senora Desert /For storing Sandking XL, helps get elite on Act 1 

Las Lagunas Apt.4 For saving Heli and car on Pac Standard

870 Route 68: For farming Sandking XL

I have found it is better to pay higher prices for better locations.

Do you need or want to move locations? They have discounts all the time wait for it........wait for it.......

Brought to you by Gri$elda Grinder$. The only True $olo Lone Wolf Crew in GTA


Edited by ALLWORLD19

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Nice write-up.

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2 minutes ago, Taterman said:

Nice write-up.

Thank You

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Really nice work ALLWORLD ty

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20 hours ago, Drewbuddy13 said:

Really nice work ALLWORLD ty


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