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[WIP|VC] LCS Characters converted to VC

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This mod converts all the characters from GTA LCS Mobile to GTA VC.


Skins done:


Toni Cipriani
[x] plr
[x] plr2
[x] plr3
[x] plr4
[x] plr5
[x] plr6
[x] plr7
[x] plr8
[x] plr9
[x] plr10
[x] plr11
[x] plr12
[x] plr13
[x] plr14
[x] plr15
[x] plr16

[x] cop
[x] swat
[x] fbi
[x] army
[x] medic
[x] fireman
[x] male01
[x] taxi_d
[x] pimp
[x] criminal01
[x] criminal02
[x] male02
[x] male03
[x] fatmale01
[x] fatmale02
[x] female01
[x] female02
[x] female03
[x] fatfemale01
[x] fatfemale02
[x] prostitute
[x] prostitute2
[x] p_man1
[x] p_man2
[x] p_wom1
[x] p_wom2
[x] ct_man1
[x] ct_man2
[x] ct_wom1
[x] ct_wom2
[x] li_man1
[x] li_man2
[x] li_wom1
[x] li_wom2
[x] docker1
[x] docker2
[x] scum_man
[x] scum_wom
[x] worker1
[x] worker2
[x] b_man1
[x] b_man2
[x] b_man3
[x] b_wom1
[x] b_wom2
[x] b_wom3
[x] mod_man
[x] mod_wom
[x] st_man
[x] st_wom
[x] fan_man1
[x] fan_man2
[x] fan_wom
[x] hos_man
[x] hos_wom
[x] const1
[x] const2
[x] shopper1
[x] shopper2
[x] shopper3
[x] stud_man
[x] stud_wom
[x] cas_man
[x] cas_wom
[x] camp_man
[x] camp_wom
[x] gang01
[x] gang02
[x] gang03
[x] gang04
[x] gang05
[x] gang06
[x] gang07
[x] gang08
[x] gang09
[x] gang10
[x] gang11
[x] gang12
[x] gang13
[x] gang14
[x] gang15
[x] gang16
[x] gang17
[x] gang18
[x] biker1
[x] biker1
[x] grdang1
[x] grdang2
[x] deliass

Main Characters
[x] vincenzo
[x] salvatore
[x] donald love
[x] donald love (beard)
[x] avery
[x] 8 ball
[x] maria
[x] miguel
[x] otool
[x] phil
[x] toshiko kasen (normal)
[x] toshiko kasen (dress)
[x] casa
[x] kazuki
[x] mickeyh
[x] ray machiowski
[x] donovan
[x] mcaffry
[x] grease
[x] paulie
[x] salvatore (prison)
[x] massimo torini
[x] casa (baby)
[x] otool (made man)
Full Characters Pack + Toni Cipriani (All Outfits)

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Did you just create this because another post was created?


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Screens ?

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