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Donald Love or Yusuf Amir?


Donald Love or Yusuf Amir?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Donald Love or Yusuf Amir?

    • Donald Love
    • Yusuf Amir

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Yusuf Amir is a really crappy character. Just a crude stereotype there for cheap humour. I never enjoyed his missions or found him entertaining or intriguing in any way.

Donald Love, on the other hand, was a genuinely menacing presence because of how much you heard about him on the radio and just looking at billboards long before you ever meet him. And when you finally do work for him, you find he's this eerily calm guy who never raises his voice, never seems to get angry, but still manages to pit the warring factions in the city against one another like chess-pieces.

So yeah, Grand Theft Auto III Donald Love is an infinitely better character. But if we're talking about the version of him we saw in Liberty City Stories? f*ck no. In that game he was basically Niles Crane if he was a sex offender. I still don't know why they butchered his character as badly as they did.

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I voted for Yusuf Amir just because he's a typical eccentric billionaire, sorta like Richard Branson but much more nonsensical. Not really an original character, but also not necessarily a bad one. He fit into the plot of TBOGT and did his part well.


I would've voted for Donald Love had LCS not bastardized him and made him into a joke. In III he was calm, reserved, and mysterious. He told you just enough of what you needed to know and didn't go too much into detail. But in LCS, he was a full blown freak cannibal. A complete 180 from his character in III. I get that people can change in three years, but goddamn son talk about a change

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just do it bob1

Yusuf Amir, the bad ass Arab with a mechanical camel. Guy was literally the highlight of TBOGT

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Donald Love in Vice City. Four eyed freak...


It would be cool if Donald Love merged into the HD realm and because a destructive president of America on the next GTA.

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If we're talking about the "original" Donald Love from GTA III, then it's obviously him for me. But that paranoid cannibal weirdo in GTA LCS? Then Yusuf, any day. I had a second thought, Love either way.


Kinda off-topic, but I guess it'll be more appropriate if you compared him to Thomas Stubbs III, given the fact that both of them is a calm, reserved and corrupt politician.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49
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2 minutes ago, B Dawg said:

I prefer even LCS Donald to Yusuf 😛

Now that I come to think of it, it's the same for me as well.

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I voted for Donald Love but only because of his appearance in GTA III since his appearance in LCS did not do justice to the character. I really like how calm and respectful he is to Claude, he's a no-nonsense type of guy and I like that. And the fact that his fate is still a mystery despite his huge presence in Liberty City with Love Media makes him even more enigmatic and interesting to me.

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Donald Love. I haven't played the GTA with Yusuf.

Edited by Lioshenka
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Donald Trump.. I mean Love. Donald Love as the President of America. Before he used to be a ruthless real estate guy, now he's giving you missions to clear his name of the alledged things he might have actually done, but he still has great hair, and he still looks good...sorta. America needs a guy like him to run the place like it used to be run, with masculinity and disdain.

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