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Best improvements from RDR1?

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After finishing RDR2 for the second time, I’m starting a new RDR playthrough, and... well count me in with those guys who want a remake because hoo boy are there many many things RDR2 does better. Not everything, obviously, but we have a thread for that already. Right now, let’s focus on our favorite improvements. 


Most glaringly, the horses. Holy hell, the horses. I actually used to think they were underrated in RDR, but RDR2 makes them so much better it’s actually amazing I even liked the old system going back to it now. Of course, they look more realistic than ever, but more importantly, they handle amazingly. They aren’t really vehicles anymore; getting on a horse genuinely feels like you’ve switched from controlling a biped to a quadruped. There is so much nuance involved, and while they’re a little too easy to crash, they outshine the RDR horses in every other way. In that game, every horse feels more like some kind of torpedo, and the top speed difference between on and off-road is just absurd. RDR2 horses do seem considerably slower, but I say good, because I look forward to riding them every time. 

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Gun cleaning and maintenance mechanic is great, actually having to eat/sleep, having a permanent (until C.6) camp/social area with friendly NPC's who dont have terrible interaction (im looking at you Abigail).

As you said all the horse improvements, especially movement physics.

Weapon familiarity decreasing reload time and improving accuracy and handling.

.Being able to customze weapons with cosmetics and new parts.

Hunting has been improved with the eagle eye system, and various weapons needed for different sizes of animal.

Functionality of towns has improved - bath, food, barbers, hotels, post office.

Obvious one but player customisation got a massive overhaul.

One of my favourites is a sense of progression in the game world, eg tress being cut down, buldings under construction actually being built gradually, small homesteads appearing outside towns etc.


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