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Is anyone able to complete American ginseng/desert sage/hummingbird sage/golden currant in compendium?


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I’ve only seen a few people mention this but I’m surprised it’s not more widespread. I haven’t heard from anyone who doesn’t have this issue yet. Does anybody care about this? Where are all the OCD completionists? Haha FYI I’m on Xbox one x with ultimate version of game. If anyone is able to complete, what system and version of the game are you on? Thank you. 

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I have not but have not tried yet-on my second/third playthu on two different systems.  First was the Xbone1 a just finish the story.


Second one I started in the bedroom for the wife but it's a slow process-not sure how much exploring vs Story I am doing yet.


Third is back on the Xbone and it will be as 100% as I can get with lots of exploration and maybe a few glitches to make some things happen as Arthur.


So, what's the problem with the Desert Sage/Currant thing you mention?nd,, since I was having issues and came here I managed to get an ending spoiler in a Title so figured

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Sad to say this issue still exists. RIP SP. progress bar for something that is impossible to be completed. Completionists nightmare this game. 

Edited by thornberry1138
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  • 2 months later...
On 6/18/2019 at 4:41 PM, Consolstice said:

Was this ever solved? I'm still having this same issue now lol.

No... Sadly.. Although I haven't played in forever. Waiting for PC version So I can mod my own fix.

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  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to achieve 100% total progress in the plant Compendium for Sage, Ginseng and Currant
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