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In45do's Workshop

Recommended Posts



Welcome to In45do's Workshop!
Here you can download all of my released mods from 2014 until now!

My computer was broken in 2015 so I took some times to focus on something else.
Now I am back at modding again since 2018 with a lot of cool stuff to make!

(These mods are for GTA SA)




3rd Anims Mod - Adding the third animation of running with weapons!

The Lost Cruise - Side-mission for those who loves to dive underwater around San Andreas!

Dark Mage - Magic stuff.... I don't even know why I made this! (Download link is in the same page as The Lost Cruise)

Switch Protagonist - Changing from one character to another, just like GTA V!

Watch Dogs HUD - Using Alexander Blade's GTA IV HUD with new interface and hacking mods!

The4VMod - Adding new features such as cover system, break into locked vehicles, and GTA V death indicator!




Thanos Mod - You can snap your finger with the power of six infinity stones!



Captain America CLEO Mod - With a new shield mod! (+ Fighting Winter Soldier)



Aquaman CLEO Mod - Diving underwater is going to be super easy, barely an inconvenience! (+ Fighting Black Manta)



Magneto CLEO Mod - Controls vehicles and peds magnetism!



Cyborg CLEO Mod - Become the heaviest guns walking around San Andreas!



Venom CLEO Mod - With agility like Spiderman and the voice of Venom!



Yondu CLEO Mod (Guardians of the Galaxy) - Yes, you can become Mary Poppins by controlling his super arrow!



Batman V Superman CLEO Mission - Dress like a bat and fight Superman with kryptonite! Literally!




Ant-Man CLEO Mod - Wanted to become smaller or bigger? It's super easy! (+ Fighting Ghost)






WIP Mods


Doctor Strange (still a concept, unknown release date)











I gotta admit my recent mods are far from realistic but I think I may have made some crazy stuff in GTA SA.


Also I'm open for collaborative work with GTA SA related mods.


Feel free to leave a comment on how I should improve this thread and/or my upcoming mods. Thank you!


Edited by In45do

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Steve Rogers

Hello in45do


    Do You know you are the best Mods Designers Ever  

Your Mods Are Awesome and very Excellent when I Search For Mods Like You I Don't find Those Awesome with Other Designer


I Just Want To Say That " I Am Dyom Mission Designer And I want To Make Missions using your mods But I Will Write Credits To You And I Will Write Link Of Your Youtube Channel And Link of Your Mod and I will write That " This Mod Is Made By ((in45do)) "  IN Game (Mission)

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Check my PM ;)

NEWS: I have update the main thread. Ant-Man CLEO Mod has been released! :D

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dr stephen strange

Hey my friend ask you question please 


When can I play doctor strange mod? 


Because I love Dr strange very much see my profile photo and name and you are best designer in the world and I now have Thanos and captain america mods 


And you are awesome 


And can you make thor mod please

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Thank your for your support :D


Currently I'm taking a break from making cleo mods. So the release date of that mod is still unknown.
I will show it in the main thread, if there's an update to it.

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Prince Minati

hi brother can you tell me how can i add dust effect on my flying mod just like your anthony flying mod

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Sure, I use this opcode for Anthony (actor):

0669: [email protected] = attach_particle "EXHALE" to_actor $ACTOR_RYDER with_offset [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] type 1


If you want to use it for something else, you can use these:

066B: [email protected] = attach_particle "PRT_SPARK" to_car [email protected] with_offset -1.69 3.607 -0.271 type 1 // for vehicles
066D: [email protected] = attach_particle "SMOKE_FLARE" to_object [email protected] with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.1 type 1 // for objects

And for the dust particle it is called "heli_dust"
Also you can search for full documentation of particles on cleo library (scm documentation in Sannybuilder)

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