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Edison Carter's Cheat Device (PPSSPP Emulator)

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Hello everyone, does anybody know how to make the Cheat Device work on PPSSPP Emulator? 

I tried it the whole day but the cheat menu won't show up when starting the game.

It's only seen for like 1 frame when exiting the start menu but you can't choose anything.

Is there any other person in 2019 which is interested in that btw or has anyone else the same problem?


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Me and a certain friend have been trying to get it to work on the emulator. Since it's a plugin and PPSSPP does not support plugins yet, I don't think there's an easy way to use the cheat device with the emulator. I have heard, however, of a way to use the Cheat Device with a rooted device, I don't really know how though.


All that I can say is plugin support on PPSSPP, when?

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I see, thanks for the information!

Have you tried the save game file which is supposed to load the cheat device?

I've tried that and it doesn't show up except for like one frame when I unpause the game, so I can't select any cheats...

The "Never fall off bike" cheat seems to be activated by default though and it actually works, so my theory is that the save game file method works in general, the menu for the cheats just doesn't work...


I can remember back in 2006 when I was a 9 years old me and my brother saw videos of these cheats on YouTube and were totally amazed by it and we would have loved to use these cheats too, but we were a little young to understand these technical things and also we discovered that the cheat device was never released for the German Version of LCS so we didn't had a chance anyway, that's why I hope there will be a solution to use it on PPSSPP soon, so I and eventually my brother can finally get that dream of our childhood fullfilled... :)

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I haven't tried the save file myself, but my friend I mentioned has. I wish there was a way to load plugins on the emulator soon, too. Would be amazing.

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