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San Andreas Roleplay Community | PS4


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San Andreas Roleplay Community


Hello! The San Andreas Roleplay Community is a Roleplay Community for GTA Online PS4 that was founded back in August 2018. It has since grown to be one of the most successful places to Roleplay on PS4, gaining over 350 members.


We use discord to Roleplay properly. Because we can’t use mods like PC communities, people must follow strict rules instead which allow for a better Roleplay experience. These rules are in the discord server.


Only mature people Roleplay with us and we can make sure of that with our interview process to make sure that we don’t get people who don’t know how to Roleplay.


At SARP, we’ve got multiple great features to help us RP. These include:


• A Department of Justice and Department of Safety. This includes the SASP (San Andreas State Police), SABI (San Andreas Beureau of Investigators, a subdivision of the SASP), SASPAU (San Andreas State Police Air Unit, another subdivision of SASP), SAHP (San Andreas Highway Patrol, another subdivision of SASP), SASPSCU (San Andreas State Police Street Crimes Unit, another subdivision of SASP), SASPSRT (San Andreas State Police Special Response Team, another subdivision of SASP), SAFD (San Andreas Fire Department) and the Ambulance Services (Subdivision of SAFD).

• A CAD built in to our discord which is efficient and simple to use for our LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers).

• A state of the art training system for new recruits to the Department of Justice and Department of Safety.

• Multiple Civilian jobs such as 24/7 Worker, Bartender, Ace Liquor Worker, Farmer, Truck Driver, Postman, Pilot, Car Salesman, Business Owner, Realtor.

• The opportunity to purchase properties from realtors and pay in installments.

• The opportunity to start a business and hire workers to do work for you.

• An economy system which allows you to be paid depending on your job, be taxed, withdraw or deposit money or give money to other people.

• Civilians can access a job openings and ads category to find jobs or advertisments for businesses.

• Criminals can access a black market category to find Criminal jobs and illegal things for sale.


As well as everything listed above, there is a lot more to our server and there is plenty of opportunities for you in San Andreas. Join us today, just click this link: https://discord.gg/4awMEFH



- Keith K.

  Founder of SARP



Edited by KeithVsGames
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On 2/24/2019 at 6:10 AM, KeithVsGames said:

We are still here, join today and don’t miss out on the best PS4 RP experience.


On 2/24/2019 at 6:10 AM, KeithVsGames said:

We are still here, join today and don’t miss out on the best PS4 RP experience.

How do I join?

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On 2/28/2019 at 1:41 AM, Kinghersh2018 said:

Add me to you're server Kinghersh2018#5547 

Just click the discord link in the post to join.

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