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Analyzing The Past to Predict the Future - Everything We Should Consider on the Road to GTA VI

Len Lfc

Recommended Posts

Len Lfc
8 hours ago, GTAhare said:

After GTA 6 I wonder what’s next? A new Red Dead game? Something else?

No idea. Red Dead is an established franchise, and something Rockstar take seriously enough to have a dedicated Online mode. So that'd be the safe bet.

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8 hours ago, GTAhare said:

After GTA 6 I wonder what’s next? A new Red Dead game? Something else?

GTA VI re-release on PS6 

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16 hours ago, GTAhare said:

After GTA 6 I wonder what’s next? A new Red Dead game? Something else?



Either the next Red Dead or a LA Noire sequel since the latter was rumored to be in development.

Edited by Gtaman_92
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10 hours ago, Zello said:


Nope. It gets medieval:




Edited by BlueLion90
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Len Lfc
2 hours ago, GRANDHEIST said:

@Len_Lfc You reckon R* will not (and doesn't want to) mention VI before the re-re-release of Gta V?

Probably. It would make the most sense. Especially not a year in advance.



.    。    •   ゚  。   .

   .      .     。   。 .  

.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

  ゚   Len_Lfc was An Impostor.  。 .

  '                .                。

  ゚   .   . ,    .  .


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Looks like everyone is Impostor now...


@Len Lfc If you're really Impostor then, well, congrats, I would never suppose.

Edited by Kris194
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There is a good chance that when Rockstar actually show the new Online update, it will be on the next gen system hardware, we could have an official look at GTA V on the PS5 next month alongside the GTA Online update, this would be good news in some respect as it would leave Rockstar's schedule free from GTA V and Online content in the foreseeable future.

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Len Lfc
Posted (edited)

So it's been a while since I updated this analysis. 2020 has been quite dry for any new info on GTA VI. Hopefully 2021 will be a lot more exciting! Anyway, I did receive some small bits of new information, that I decided to update into this analysis. I'll drop what's new down below, so you don't have to play spot the difference. Here's what's new:


On 2/19/2019 at 3:44 AM, Len Lfc said:

More recently, at the end of December 2020. I was made aware of this podcast. Unfortunately it is in German. So if any of you out there speak German, a transcript of the important parts would be great. But as far as I'm aware, it details how the DJ Adam Port, who is part of 'Keinemusik' was DJing at a party for a group of Rockstar developers. Sam Houser was allegedly among them.


On 12/30/2020 at 11:56 PM, WombR4aid3r said:

basically the guy who is interviewed in the podcast is part of Kleinemusik in the new update. He says he worked on the DLC about 9 months ago, and he met the rockstar team while he was DJ'ing at a party for rockstar developers and Sam Houser in Miami

Most likely related to the next GTA


On 12/31/2020 at 8:43 AM, Itscoming2020 said:

its an interview with adam port from keinemusik ( new gta update)


AT 17:23: "... (SAM Houser ) .... liked what we do, that he invited us to MIAMI to a party with Circoloco that they organized together with R *, for their programmers. They invited their programmers who were working on the game to the USA and they did things there, like driving Lambos, going to the Shooting Range ... "  "..... They should experience what they programming in real life" thats exactly what he said.


The work with R* for this Update was about 9 Month



Then there was this interview with 'Rampa' who is another member of Keinemusik, which was published on November 27th 2019. Specifically this excerpt from the interview is very interesting.


Today he’s cheerful despite being slightly sick. Rampa has just come back from a tour of the East Coast with his good friend and Keinemusik comrade &ME. And after spending five days partying with other headliners and the dudes from Rockstar Games, he’s feeling slightly under the weather.


It gives us a rough date of when that tour and party in Miami took place. Depending on how long after the interview took place, it was published. We can presume the tour and parties were late November 2019. What does this mean? Not much, specifically. But it would appear Sam Houser is making friends with DJ's and enjoying the night life. But it also suggests Sam is putting his new DJ friends into his games, in the form of GTA Online updates. But why were Rockstar developers/programmers in Miami, driving Lamborghini's and at shooting ranges? Maybe they were just having fun. Or maybe they're there specifically to capture Miami, for their new game, GTA VI.


We know Sam Houser is a big fan of Miami Vice. Like... a very big fan. Check out this excerpt from asn interview with Sam Houser "The Making of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City"


"What were the points of inspiration for Vice City?
When we were doing the London pack on the first GTA, the idea we had after that was to do Miami in the ’80s, but for one reason or another it didn’t come together. So you’ve got the idea and it’s about gangsters and the mobster underculture, and a celebration of all things along those lines, and you think, where do we take this now? With something like the GTA series there are a lot of options – you can have more fun in Liberty City, or you can do this or do that – but as we were all talking the idea that seemed to have the most meat on it, the one that had the most material that we could work with – in a lot of areas we’re interested in: the vibe, the storytelling, the culture, the fashion, the music and on and on and on – was Miami in the ’80s. To me, it’s still hands-down the grooviest era of crime because it didn’t even feel like it was crime. You had Cuban hitmen coming across and gunning people down in the street, but it was still celebrated in a sort of haze of cocaine and excess and Ferraris and Testarossas, and it was a totally topsy-turvy back-to-front period of time. It was everything that was crazy about the ’80s, and it was in America so it was crazier – and geographically it’s the gateway to the whole of Latin America and the Caribbean, and so everything floods in there.

It was a place that I had grown up loving. As kids, Scarface was one of our favourite films. That’s a totally played-out remark, and most people will try not to say that because they’ve seen things like Scent Of A Woman and some of Al Pacino’s other pieces of work that are a little bit more questionable, but with Scarface, we could put it on here now and you and I within five minutes would be saying, “Actually, let’s watch it – it’s great, isn’t it?” It’s an amazing film.

But the thing that was more of a direct influence was Miami Vice, because it’s a little bit later. Scarface is earlier, like ’83, and it kind of looks it, but Miami Vice was ’84 to ’89, about five seasons, 110 or so episodes, and I’ve seen them all many times. Before you could get them on DVD I bought them off eBay – the crappiest quality VHS copies you’ve ever seen, and I have them all. What blew me away about that series – and Michael Mann is, I think, a visionary film maker – is that each episode was 50 minutes long, and they sort of hit on all the bases in every episode. It was very adult – I remember at the time watching it and thinking that it was very risqué. But it was an incredibly slick show, and when we were first talking about it, everyone was kind of laughing, like: “What are you on about?” And I was like, “No, no, no – it’s so slick”. Just in terms of music alone, when you look at the tracks that Miami Vice used, it’s an amazing list, and Michael Mann would create these miniature pop videos in every show which would be montages. So his use of music in the show was remarkable. A dream of mine and Dan [Houser]’s is to have a montage in a game, actually. We’re on our way; we’ll get it one day – a montage of your experiences set to music. Come on, that’s going to be amazing, right?

Also, Michael Mann’s use of colour and light is wonderful. Miami is such a beautiful place anyway, so the light is gorgeous, but his use of night lighting made it so glossy and sexy. He’s also an expert in the use of weapons, and we met all of the weapons experts who worked on Miami Vice. We got into the details in a hardcore way.


Then the other thing I loved – and we all loved, actually, although initially there was a lot of arm twisting that had to go on in order to make people watch it – was that each show was kind of like a mission. It may have had a few cool little action sequences in it which were novel, but the overarching story was like a mission, so there was so much cool stuff to take in, whether it was the vehicles they used – incredible cars, incredible helicopters, incredible boats – or whatever. While we were finishing GTAIII I would even go home at lunchtimes and watch episodes, and I did that for about a year – it was all I watched. You could sit there and watch it and get stills of so many moments in the show from just one episode and I’d think: “If we can just get that or this or that…” I remember Aaron [Garbut, GTA series art director] working so hard just to get the neon the way he wanted it. He’d been to Miami and he’d seen it in the show, and he knew exactly what he was looking for but it was so difficult [to achieve]. But when he got it right, you were just like [snaps fingers]: “That’s it!”

So there were plenty of other things that influenced us but I would have to say the strongest influence of all became Miami Vice – more so than Scarface, even though the story is more of a Scarfacey story. You can’t beat Miami Vice’s style, its production values, and its focus on details. Michael Mann went on to be one of the best film makers around, but Miami Vice just resonated with us. So hard."


As you can see, he's a big fan of Miami, and the show; Miami Vice. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now. It's fantastic! So, is it not likely that Sam has reached a point in his life where perhaps he's feeling a bit nostalgic and wants to revisit one of his favourite locations, Miami, and recreate it in the next Grand Theft Auto? Individually, these pieces of evidence can be rather inconclusive. But put them all together, and they begin to form a much larger whole.


At this point, any doubts that the next Grand Theft Auto will be set anywhere but Miami should be completely put to bed. The only remaining question should be... when is it set? the 80's? Modern day? If Sam is interested in including his friends and favourite DJs in his games, then perhaps that indicates we'll be staying in modern times. Or perhaps he's including these DJ's in Grand Theft Auto Online, since he can't put them in GTA VI, which is set decades in the past. Or... both, and it's set in modern day. The comments made by Dan Houser, which I'd previously theorised could be an indication they'd prefer to play in a past setting, since modern times had become much more difficult to satirize, could very easily be irrelevant since Dan left Rockstar in Spring 2019 (yes 2019, that's when he took a sabbatical. he just didn't officially leave until a year later). Perhaps Sam took creative control and changed the course of GTA VI from what it originally once was? Could also explain a part of the significantly longer wait for the next Grand Theft Auto title.



[Updated] Final Thoughts


In the months since I wrote this thread, I decided to revisit my final thoughts. Most of them still stand, although some small things have changed. New leaks or hints suggest an announcement could be sooner than initially thought, so I decided it was time for a rewrite. I've kept the original thoughts below in a spoiler box, as I don't see any reason to remove it, as it's fun to look back in the future and see how accurate it was. Also due to the COVID-19 situation, many plans have been postponed, and game releases have been delayed. Some due to logistical issues, like TLoU Part II. Others because WFH has impacted their development. All in all, the COVID-19 pandemic has muddied the waters slightly. I have made some edits, some typos and minor mistakes I didn't notice until now. And worded some things better, as I worded some things poorly, in hindsight. It is also difficult editing these thoughts after such a long time.


So I initially thought we wouldn't have an announcement any time soon, certainly not in 2019. Rockstar still have unfinished business with RDR2. But recently the PC edition has been announced and scheduled for release on November 5th 2019 I still think it's possible for Rockstar to rerelease RDR2 on next gen systems, after the announcement of GTA V coming to next-gen consoles, it only makes sense to have their most recent online service based game, Red Dead Online made available on next-gen consoles, also. If they're willing to upset fans by selling a new version of GTA V, then we can presume RDR2 would be a seperate release also. Otherwise, Rockstar may well be done with RDR2 (Note RDR2 and RD Online are separate products in their eyes). The removal of the RDR2 branding from the Rockstar North studio may have been an indication that 'that time has passed'. I also said until we start hearing rumours about Rockstar scouting locations we shouldn't expect to hear anything. Well, as it turns out Film Florida were recently working with a digital media company to organize site tours around south east Florida and nearby states as far back as January 2019, maybe even before then. There's no indication of who that company is, but it may well be Rockstar Games. Combined with a reddit user who claimed to receive a contract to sign, to grant permission to scout their area. 


My opinion still stands that we could be waiting until 2021 for an announcement, although I am willing to admit we could see an announcement in 2020. It just depends on how Rockstar wish to deal with things. Some people still hope for a Bully II announcement this year, But at this point, and especially after Dan Housers' departure, I don't think we're likely to see a Bully title for a very long time. If ever. Jason Schreier said the next Grand Theft Auto was their next title, anway. Which is still "early in development" as of April 2020.


In my mind I have 3 key dates for potential announcements:

Tuesday 22nd  October 2019 - Highly unlikely, but technically possible (if Bully II happens, this will be when it's announced)

Tuesday 20th October 2020 - Unlikely, the closer we get the more leaks and tidbits of info we'll hear to make it more plausible. My only concern is announcing GTA 6 on top of new consoles launching. Although Sony could announce on their behalf. There are growing rumours Sony paid $750M for exclusivity to a BIG game, in some form.

Tuesday 19th or 26th October 2021 - My personal estimate. Gives them ample time to work on the game and allow for a good install base to sell to. Not even counting the units sold after this announcement.

Tuesday 18th October 2022 - Given that I wrote the vast majority of this in February 2019, a lot has changed in the past 2 years. Most importantly COVID-19. Which has delayed many things in the world. A 2022 announcement is a lot more likely after significant delays to movies and games in 2020. The announcement of Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded & Enhanced, which is due for release in the second half of 2021 could indicate they plan to announce GTA VI in 2022.


I wholeheartedly believe that 2021 is the year for an announcement. But if those rumours about scouting Florida are true, it is possible an announcement may be made sooner than I believed. I expected a similar gap between RDR2 and GTA 6, like we had between GTA V and RDR2. However, if my speculation is true and that had a lot more to do with Rockstar Norths restructuring, in the wake of Leslie Benzies departure. And RDR2 being a highly ambitious game that had to tie into RDR1, being a story driven game that requires much more care and attention to detail than any other game. The gap this time may well be shorter... or the same and they're just faced with different but equally challenging issues. I just don't know how COVID-19 will impact things, at all. It's safe to presume performance capture would have been put on hold, while what development remains possible will be done from home. The projected timeline may have shifted back a few months, or nothing will change publically, and behind the scenes there will be changes. For example, they may have planned to have a shorter gap between announcement and release, but that may no longer be feasible. Just a guess.


In the summer of 2020, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PS5 & Xbox Series X in the second half of 2021, and will be "Expanded & Enhanced". We still don't know what that means. However, it does seem to suggest that they have no plans to announce the next Grand Theft Auto in 2021. As it would seem strange to release a GTA V remaster as you're about to, or have just released the next-gen GTA V version. But since Rockstar were unwilling to put a date on its release (Just a vague 'second half of 2021') it would suggest they aren't even sure when it will be ready. To me this implies a couple of potential things. They want it out as soon as possible, but instead of just picking the latest date (ie; Fall 2021) they just gave a 6 month period. Why? Perhaps they want it out in the summer, as they'd like to have the Autumn/Fall period clear. Perhaps for a potential announcement?


Having the GTA V remaster also gives them extra time to develop GTA VI. And also wait for the install size to grow. A win win situation for Rockstar and Take-Two.


To close, I think an announcement will be made in the typical mid to late October  2021, with the release being in 2022 (expect a launch date to be 1 year later, only to be delayed once or twice. Ending up at 2 years later). Accounting for the impact of COVID-19, working from home, and the closure of performance capture studios. The announcement could be delayed by 6 months to a year. The game will take place in Vice City and surrounding countryside and swamps, and be a reimagining of Miami and surrounding areas, just like what GTA V did for L.A. It will focus on building a criminal empire, and the games main mechanic will be how the player chooses to smuggle goods (Drugs, weapons, etc) and how they choose to build their empire. Much like GTA V was about Heists. GTA VI will be about building your empire. If I had to guess they may go back to the past, to avoid out of date satire and the current political climate, and to take advantage of infamous drugs lords of that era. However, similar themes in a modern setting are still possible. And modern technology such as drones and other hi-tech gadgets could add in some fun gameplay that are not possible, otherwise.


5 year gap between Red Dead redemption (2018) & Grand Theft Auto VI (2023) feels about right. However because of the pandemic, COVID-19 could very easily delay these events.


Just remember Speculate Responsibly.


Edited by Len Lfc
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Can't really read some of the parts 


Edit: Nvm it's readable in the main post

Edited by EliteGamer_6
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Len Lfc
Posted (edited)
14 minutes ago, EliteGamer_6 said:

Can't really read some of the parts 


Edit: Nvm it's readable in the main post

Yeah, something got messed up in the quote...

If you close the excerpt quote it fixes it. Something broken in the forums that's causing it, I think.

Should be fixed now. Removed the quote, and just put the excerpt in quotation marks.

Edited by Len Lfc
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I appreciate the 2020 roundup, been OOTL these last couple months. Interesting stuff with the DJ interviews. Solidifies that we're getting Vice City, in my book. Too many arrows pointing there now for it to just be coincidences.


Here's to hoping we get something big this year!

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Len Lfc
35 minutes ago, Eadwine_ said:

I appreciate the 2020 roundup, been OOTL these last couple months. Interesting stuff with the DJ interviews. Solidifies that we're getting Vice City, in my book. Too many arrows pointing there now for it to just be coincidences.


Here's to hoping we get something big this year!

I know the topic is literally titled "analyzing the past" But I don't like to do it too definitively. As in, just because X happened last time, it will happen again. But I always felt that 2021 was the years where we'd start to have some more interesting discoveries. Not necessarily leaks. But moreso findings. Maybe Take-Two trademark more ingame websites, for example. The closer you get to release, the likelier it is to discover things.

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Orthur The Boah
5 hours ago, Len Lfc said:

But I always felt that 2021 was the years where we'd start to have some more interesting discoveries. Not necessarily leaks. But moreso findings. Maybe Take-Two trademark more ingame websites, for example. The closer you get to release, the likelier it is to discover things.

I've been thinking the same. If we get any leaks/rumours of Take two registering trademarks, then my hopes for this year will get higher. Looking at how it happened last time, I'd expect things like registering domains, casting call leaks to happen within a few months, but who knows, they could be extra careful this time around and will take higher measures to prevent leaks. But I'm hoping for atleast tid bits of unofficial leaks and rumours to happen this year, if not Announcement.

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