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Question regarding camp items requests.

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So I’ve had to load back old save files to make sure I didn’t lose out on any missable items. My problem is that I’m not sure if I have given Lenny his pocket watch or not. I know he gives a stick of dynamite, but I’m not sure if it replenishes itself at Arthur’s tent like most of the other rewards.  Can anyone help by confirming whether the dynamite is a one time reward or one that keeps coming back? Thanks.

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Pretty sure it is a one-time deal.  I think I would have noticed as Dynamite on arrows is my second favorite weapon in-game next to poison on arrows.

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Dark Rosewood Varnish

This feature of the game is glitched. I went and got Dutch his pipe but could no longer give it to him after a certain point. Also in the epilogue Charles never asked me for the eagle feather.

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In my third play through I did all the item requests in chapter 2 and 3, by chapter 4 I had done 12 or 13.


In my previous play through's I missed several of these, so I did a final play through to go from beginning to end and try to get everything all done organically and mostly as Arthur.


If you want to ensure the item requests happen I suggest doing them early on, Chapter 2 especially before things get going, for example, Jack wont ask about the thimble after chapter 2 in my experience anyway, my final play through he never mentioned it at all, and I made a point to talk to him a lot.

Just spend a lot of time at camp and talk to everyone at all times of day, move through the gang morning noon and night a few times and you will get several requests.


Dutch's pipe was the last one I was trying to get / give, I already had enough for the errand boy award so I didn't need anymore, but I grabbed his pipe very early on and had been hanging onto it and I wanted to see the reaction.


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