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emblem_128.png Top Ninja Assassins is a well established PS4 crew of over 250+ members in   GRAND THEFT AUTO V ONLINE. Unlike some crews we uphold a level of maturity and this shows in our game. We would like to offer newcomers and new faces a home with us, the SINS family.




Image result for 18+ neon signs: No members under the age of 18 unless family is already a member of SINS.


There is NO minimum level to join


: Your PSN name must be displayed to everybody on the Rockstar Social Club


: Any Bullying/Racism/Sexism will NOT be tolerated and any member found doing so will be dealt with swiftly


: NO CREW ON CREW KILLING, unless its your friend and you are having some fun. Always show your fellow crew member respect


: AN ARMORED KARUMA IS REQUIRED BY ALL MEMBERS. Obtain an Armoured Karuma within 1 month of joining. This vehicle MUST be driven  when participating in any missions or heists and set ups (where possible). This will allow you to stay alive and complete all set ups and heists  with ease.


: Obtain a Heavy Heist utility armor and bulletproof helmet. Using these items during missions and heists reduce damage by half however, the suit  does reduce running speed  but you will benefit from the extra armor protection and damage sustainability during heists


: Have the Crew Boss or a crew Commissioner on your PS4 friends list preferably one who suits your style of game play and can help you in those areas


: DISPLAY YOUR SINS CREW TAG AT ALL TIMES. We understand you may want to join other crews for whatever reasons however prolonged absence from SINS CREW without informing the crew boss or a commissioner may result in your removal from the SINS CREW


: MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: have fun, work hard, play hard, laugh lots, don't die, if all else fails then RUN!












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