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[SA|CLEO] Open/Close Car Window


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Salut, I woke up today with the idea of doing this mod, and I just 'finished?' it.



Use '+' & '-' keys from numpad to open a close the driver window.


Download (Source)
It comes with admiral.dff for example to adapt cars to it and test the mod.


Q: It has bugs?
A: Yeah, a lot (srsly).

  1. No matters how far you go, if you entered a car, the reference to it will exist forever (even if you remove it), until you enter to 2 cars, then, the first of the two will exist forever and so...
  2. If you spawn a vehicle in same place as another one in which you has entered it, the game will crash (it's obviously why, the script it's trying to access to a NULL pointer somewhere in the code -or atleast that's what I think so-, I didn't figured out how to solve it yet).
  3. If you are in car adapted, you go outside of it and you enter to another car, the previous car is 'forgotten' so if you hit that car or enter again, the windows will be bugged until you are completily inside of it (you're driving it).
  4. If you break driver's door, or the car explodes, the non-broken window will still exist (maybe getting the door state and deleting the window node or make it completely transparent will solve it, but I don't know exactly how to do it).


Q: It only works with the driver window?
A: Yep, because I can't decide which keys use for the rest of them.


Q: Couldn't be more efficent/stable/bugless the code and don't have to adapt the car to make it work?
A: Yeah, probably.


Maybe it's possible do it getting the CAutomobile->CVehicle->CPhysics->CEntity->RpClump->RpAtomic->RpGeometry->RpMorphTarget->vertsList[numVertices] <RwV3d *> and modifying only vertices who has the correct atomic flag for visibility (vertices which has no alpha, like happend in this pic). Or modifying only the geometry/vertices which has mapped an RpMaterial with transparent texture (getting it from RpGeometry). Or something like that, idk, maybe i'm saying no sense things, I need to read more in depth RW documentation :p

Btw, I tried to get the child node of CAR_DOOR_LF <RwFrame> and move it, to not have the window object outside the door_lf_dummy, and fix a lot of bugs mentioned above, but looks like the position it's locked.


If after reading the FAQ you are doubting if you really want to install this mod and start adapting cars to them, I do too :yee:


Anyway, any help with solving the problems is appreciated!

Edited by indirivacua
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