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Can't modify radar textures

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Well, I think I'll never stop getting problems in GTA SA.


My problem is the next, I can't modify the radar map...


How this occurred? I reinstalled GTA SA (basically copy and paste the folder) so I had 2 GTA SA so I can modify one for SAMP/MTA and the other for the official campaign.


When it occurred, I noticed SAMP radar is in bad quality so I was confused because modloader was working fine with all the other mods but with this isnt working, so I decided to replace the txds in gta3.img.

I did it, but it still using a bad quality map, not the one I selected, so I decided to use another radar map (Satnav) for SAMP, I installed it in modloader and in gta3.img and still there the bad quality/original one map.


I looked for the files that SAMP installed in the GTA SA, and I found 2 files that are related to this... SAMP.img and samaps.txd, they are in "SAMP" folder in the root gta sa folder.


I used Alci's IMG Editor and Magic.TXD to look if there's any map, in SAMP.img I found a txd called "gtamap" and in samaps.txd there was 2 maps... I replaced gtamap textures to the radar map I was looking to install same as samaps.txd, but it still using it... even after I replaced gta3.img radar textures, samp.img radar textures and samaps.txd.


basically I give up and tried to see if it's the game or SAMP, so I installed the map using modloader in my game for the official campaign, and it didn't work... then I installed my HQ Radar (basically the original radar map but in better resolution) and it didn't work, it's the same bad quality map as the samp one.


So basically I don't know what to do, this affect my 2 games/gta sa.


I looked if it's was disable in modloader but it was activated, also it doesn't have sense because I replaced everysingle texture that is similar/identical to the map.

All other mods work fine but for me it's impossible to be able to replace the radar map, before samp everything was working fine... honestly I doubt unistalling SAMP it will magically work.


Please Help

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I'm retarded, I'm the only person that after post a thread about a "bug", 10 seconds after found a solution?


Basically, just had to give more priority in the modloader and done, it's fixed ^^

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