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Dankenstiens car pack.

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After hours of OIVs that crash the game, overcomplicated installs that crash the game, outdated/error filled packs that crash the game, countless youtube videos that crash the game.....


Ive started the pain staking process of replacing each car individually with either its real world counterpart or the closest thing I could get to it.  1 by 1 replacing then launching and spawning, making sure the game stays stable.  Also working on gameconfigs and heaps to avoid FPS drops and crashes that usually come with this in depth of a car replacing mod process.  Although it should only take another day or 2 (hopefully) to have a 1.0 version that is stable and running smooth, id like to have somewhere to keep things updated, ask for help, answer questions etc, so here we are.


So, the first 2 orders of business.


1.  I noticed in my searches quite a lot of people are looking for this, are people still looking for this or am I behind the times?

2.  If this is something people are looking for, how can I go about making this in to a simple OIV so everyone can just install and go?


This is becoming more and more in depth as I go.  Not just a simple replacement, but an all in one package as well as using the different models to add even more cars.  I.E. sentinel (bmw 3 series), sentinel2 (bmw m3), sentinel3 (bmw 3 series sedan).  Also working on getting tuning for as many cars as possible, as well as adding paints, real world wheels, car related scripts, gameconfig, the list keeps going as I keep going.


Wouldn't mind releasing a 1.0 version that has all or most passenger cars replaced for anyone to test if I can find hosting for it.  Before I get back to work on it tomorrow ill take some screenshots to show the current progress.

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I will also give a quick rundown here with what im working with to compare as I go performance wise.




12gb RAM

GTX 1060 6BG gpu

1TB HDD (only windows on my ssd)

Steam Version


Before 1.0:

FPS on Rockstar settings: 88-92

FPS Vsync enabled (my monitors suck) 59-62


Current mods (besides the usual scripthook and stuff):

LeFix Speedo

Programmable Cruise Control

Vehicle Spawner

Dankenstien's gameconfig.xml

650mb Heap


Using the good old OpenIV to make the switches.


My other mods are not really related to this so no reason listing them, pretty much just listing what im using to make this happen.

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Ok so screenshots aren't being my friend right now but progress now is 27 cars replaced.


Ive also taken a new route to the cars that have multiple versions, I will use those to add more of a variety, once ive replaced so many its hard to find ones I didn't replace I will release a 1.0.  Ill then find the ones that haven't been replaced, do those, which will be 1.1.  Then we move to bikes, boats, city vehicles, air vehicles.  If im not burnt out by then ill unlock MP vehicles and start doing those.

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Alright so at about 37 cars we have hit our first crash wall.  Digging in to the gameconfig now to fix the issue and will be making a list of what has been replaced so far once its stable again.

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Got it running great, until you go to enter a story mission.  Not sure what to do here.

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