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SASMG military crew [PC][PS4] (updated)

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Tired of playing alone? Tired of tryhards on their Oppressors? Overall looking for a group? Almost quit the game as it isn't the same it used to be?
Look no further!

the SASMG is looking to recruit members just like you!

"But what is the SASMG?", i hear you ask

The SASMG, or formally the "San Andreas State Militarist Group" is a military group that focuses on it's members enjoying their time in the crew, and not only complete MilSim-ism.

Members can have several roles, such as

-Fighter pilot

-Helicopter pilot

-Bomber/transport pilot

-Bomber/transport crew (gunner, co-pilot etc.)






Having a hard time choosing one? How about take two!


For those interested by what you've already read
Click here to join!
Social Club crew link Here


But be not afraid! There's more!


You know what the SASMG is, what you can do in it, but what does the crew itself do?

We do anything we want. But mainly we do training operations for the roles listed earlier, we do operations in freemode, which means protecting the airspace, killing tryhards, covering grinders (as long as they don't try to kill us) and killing tryhards.

The SASMG is NOT  an official government-funded military operation, so pur Operation bases include Fort Zancudo in only rare circumstances. Our main bases are Grand Senora Airstrip and McKenzie airfield (the later for mainly training operations).


Active members WILL BE promoted more often than not-so active members. Anyone in the crew that MEMBERS don't like will be kicked out and stripped of their rank. This means people won't be kicked out if some random officer doesn't happen to like them, however extreme cases will be dealt with with extreme power. We allow modding within the crew, as long as it doesn't disrupt the experience of other members. So no godmode for you or your vehicles.


The cast

Leader of operations - Weketsu

co-leader of aerial operations - Open for applicants

co-leader of ground operations - O.F.A

Ground trainer(s) - Weketsu, O.F.A

Aerial trainer(s) - Weketsu, O.F.A

the high command (everyone ranked Captain or higher) Weketsu, anyone that achieves high enough rank


OK, now it's up to you to decide if you want to join or not, here's a second link, mate: Click here to join!


Sincerely, Weketsu




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