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mustafa the king

Most overrated games

Recommended Posts


Military sci-fi shooters, many war games (especially ww2 inspired rts, mmos and shooters), mystical fantasy rpgs and mobas, survival horror games, the online and web-based constantly advertised, superhero games, gta clones for mobile, battle royale (except for Super Animal Royale), many indie games (which is kinda ironic), csgo and its clones (nothing can beat cs1.6 and source), maybe some aaa racing games despite liking them, roblox to some extent, gacha life i think (when searching I'm At Soup Gacha versions appear constantly), hd modded minecraft, maybe some post-apocalyptic titles, probably the famous nintendo and sega titles (especially remasters and remakes), many remasters and remakes (i don't like the remastering trend that much), pokémon (i mean is digimon even relevant?), i could go on...


A better question would be which trends currently in gaming suck? I'd say many

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Iggy Pop


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On 2/15/2019 at 10:38 AM, happygrowls said:



GoldenEye 64, don't get me wrong, i'm sure it's amazing in it's time but nowadays it's quite bad and hasn't aged that well. Considering the devs never considered how OP Oddjob was lmao.


Just because a game hasn't aged well doesn't make it over-rated at all. Goldeneye deserves all the acclaim it got, and even for its age, it's still one of the few games i still own for the N64, and it actually plays better than some recent titles.



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GTA 4. The gameplay and mission design was abysmal. 

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Posted (edited)

I actually really love most of these games, I just think they're overpraised by their fans or critics.


GTA IV and Vice City ( Mainly on this forum)

GTA Online 

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Every NBA2k, MLB and Madden game

Every WWE game made by 2K

Every new Need for Speed


All three Kingdom Hearts games

Apex legends



Every COD after BO1

Forza Motorsport 6


Telltale's the walking dead series 

Hitman 2 (2018)







Edited by Chamberman20

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San Andreas

The Witcher 3


Every Halo game




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Is this The Guy?
Posted (edited)

Uncharted 4.  I gave it a try and it annoyed the sh*t out of me


After what seemed like the 5th bridge to collapse just as I was about to cross it and the 50th door that was locked that I had to  climb walls and somehow find my way around I gave up.

Edited by Is this The Guy?

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I suppose I could say Skyrim, but that doesn't stop it from being an outstanding game worthy of praise. There are just a lot of deficits.

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Witcher 3


I mean sure it's a long and good game, with a lot of story, but i never understood why ppl liked it so much.

I did one complete playthrough including the blood and whine dlc, i didn't do all sidequests but most of them, i really don't understand the hype of it.

I just never felt really "free" in this game, because we are forced to play Geralt, and the whole looting system is total BS, i don't understand why you can't pick everything up like in Skyrim for example, man i like Skyrim so much more because yeah your kinda free in this game, and can pick up everything, rob all ppl or kill them, or doing even nastier things with kinky mods or whatever.


Skyrim deservers to be high rated but Witcher 3 is just a good or rather average RPG game with way too much limitations.


But i got high hopes for Cyberpunk it will be great, im just sure of it, you can play male or female and it hopefully won't feel so forced like Witcher 3 did. I know a 100% im gonna play a female in this game, hopefully there will be mods to get a 3rd person view, man im gonna make a real sexy cyberchick. :D 

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On 3/28/2019 at 5:06 PM, Mexicola9302 said:

blood and whine dlc

dat whiny dlc tho 😂

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Posted (edited)

Devil May Cry 

Monster Hunter 

Souls Series 

Final Fantasy 




Call of Duty Series 



League of Legends 

Edited by JC_HUMBLE

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Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I found GTA: Vice City to be quite overrated, especially when compared to GTA III. I didn't necessarily hate VC - it had its moments, but I personally didn't care for the map layout or many of its missions and characters; I felt that GTA III was the superior game in all regards. Maybe I should go back and play it again, but overall, I simply just wasn't that impressed back then.


Fortnite, in my opinion, is just pure unwashed bollocks and tbh, I'm sick to death of blah, blah battle royale anything at this point. I really hope that trend dies off!

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