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GTA SA Widescreen fix bug

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Well, the problem is the next.

There's 2 bugs/problems... I need some help I don't know what to do, the game still playable but its annoying for me.


First, GTA SA Widescreen fix allows you to change the font, so you can alternate between mobile, custom outline or default fonts. I like default but when I set the value to 0 (default value) the font looks choopy and the shadow it's choppy too...

I tried unistalling the fix and wsphs also, but it still activated in the game.

Same as the black bars in cutscenes.


How do I fix the font? How do I completly unistall the mod/activate black bars? I know if you change "widescreen" in the in-game it will turn back the black bars (but it doesn't have sense because I unistalled the mod)


Since I unistalled the mod it shouldn't be working, but some features still working like the text and the black bars... maybe it would fix if I make the subtitles bigger, as I said I unistalled it... so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How it looks: https://imgur.com/2yKO8Q8


How it should look: https://imgur.com/a/ynIW6ff


(if you can't see the difference, the difference is that the shadow it's more "black" and it's more "near" to the text, but it's not in my game... it's annoying as same to the black bars)


(don't need of black bars "bug", there's just no black bars)



PD: I use modloader, I cut and paste my mods in another folder and still without working

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I reinstalled GTA SA and the crappy font and the black bars still there...

made a cleanup of regedit and reboot the computer.


It's really annoying





Installed again the mod, and tried to fix it in the ini config.

For some reason the mod didn't detected "SmartCutscenesBorders"... this time it's working so I "solved" already the black bars thing.

Tried fixing the font, I kinda fix it by making the font bigger, but it's really big... 


(0.0 and 1.0 are basically the same, so I type'd "2.0" but it's really big, I'll try with decimals


Edited by MasterBlazee

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I solved this...


The solution for the font, it's really simple... just have to go to ini file (GTASA.WidescreenFix.ini) and click "Edit" or "Edit with Notepad++" and change "SubtitlesScale" from 0.0 to 1.8.

It's looks kinda weird, like it doesn't have full opacity, but whatever.


I solved Black Borders (I mean, I activated Black Borders) just changing "SmartCutsceneBorders" from 1 to 0 and in-game configuration widescreen mode on.


I'd like to know if somebody knows how to make the font/subtitles more vibrant/colorful/full opacity... because it looks kinda weird.

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12 hours ago, LaDiDa said:

You may want to just install this:



It works a lot better for higher resolutions.

I don't like it, that's the main reason why I did this post


EDIT: Wait, outline text isn't included, I'll try it.

EDIT: nvm it had the outline...

EDIT: nvm again, just had to delete the cleo in the folder, now it's fixed, kinda it looks not real HD but it's good enough

EDIT: Well, now everything is fixed... I deleted the cleo and installed 1080p + version and now it looks much better. Thank you, LaDiDa

Edited by MasterBlazee

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