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[PC] Doomsday Heist as Feb 2x rewards approaches

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Hi all. New here and first post.


I started playing GTAO this Xmas on PC and after quite a few hours I'm lvl 132 so far. I don't have many friends yet as I've been mostly levelling up in public solo lobbies until I was ready. Through hard grinding I have all business and most utility vehicles/planes fully upgraded including things that we can use in Heists like Vigilante, Half-Track, WTampa, IPC (I think we can use APC sometimes from a garage?). I have all MK2 weapons with special ammo/upgrades. I recently started to train shooting a bit and although still green I can sometimes complete the 10 waves of Boneyard survival on my own (as it is the easiest). Still lot to learn, though. I favor stealth/strategic approaches whenever possible.


As Doomsday Heist February x2 reward approaches I’m looking for people I can complete the Heist with. With Microphone so we can plan/coordinate better and ideally at similar or higher level that haven't done it yet to avoid spoilers. Still willing to play with people who already completed them though, but hoping to not get many spoilers on their instructions during the planning if possible, please.


My Facility is at the wind farm. A good location for most missions, I've been told. It already has inside an Avenger, Khanjali and Thruster although I don't think we can use our own ones in heists? Not sure. I haven't done much research to avoid spoilers.


I haven't done the initial Heists either apart from the Fleca tutorial with a friend so I could buy a Kuruma. I would like to find teammates for those as well but right now Doomsday (I know it is harder) is the priority due the x2 rewards coming soon.


Feel free to contact me by msg to my profile or reply in the post. I’m really looking forward to the Heists. I’m looking to host them to unlock trade prices but I will be happy to repeat them again should the teammates want the same. I’m in UK but I can consider playing late at night to accommodate US players. I speak English and Spanish. Thank you.

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