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How Would You Rate GTA VC Now?

How Would You Rate GTA VC Now?  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. How Would You Rate GTA VC Now?

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It's really difficult for me to rate fairly tbh. I gave it a 10 in the poll, but I'm unsure of the actual number from an objective standpoint. Someone itt gave a pros and cons list, so I think I'll do that:

- Great voice acting, all things considered. I'm not normally a fan of celebrity 'voice actors', but Ray Liotta really made Tommy what he was. William Fichtner was awesome as Rosenberg, Tom Sizemore (Sonny Forelli) really added something a little different as a don, Philip Michael Thomas was great as Lance Vance and did a good job giving him chemistry with Tommy. I loved the ladies too, despite what little we got of them! Mercedes had some unused phone calls to Tommy and Fairuza Balk nailed the humour aspects of it. Jenna Jameson gave Candy Suxxx a really cute, likable charm.

- On the topic of characters: I really enjoyed Tommy's development, along with the development of the game's overall feel. The first half of the game feels totally different from the second half, and in a good way.

- It's pretty difficult, which I like. It drives me f*cking nutso sometimes, but the first time I beat this game without any cheats was a satisfaction I haven't experienced in a while because of its difficulty.

- The atmosphere is incredible. It's one of those games that you can just drive around listening to music and taking in the scenery/colours. It's very rare for a game with such limited/aged graphics to be able to still hold up like that.

- It's still really funny and quotable lol



- The pacing in some of the scenes is so whack. Audio sometimes overlaps and you get a sort of 'buggy' feeling with a lot of the scenes.

- No swimming. My god, it was annoying then and it's still annoying, even now. Especially with how sparkly and pretty they made the water! It would have been fun to just swim around. There's a beach ffs lmao

- Don't get me started on that car hunt. It's so grindy and annoying. I'm glad I completed it back in the day, but you won't find me wasting time on that ever again.

- The treatment of Haitians was bad then and is bad now. Auntie Poulet having a Jamaican accent is pretty ridiculous too.

- As someone who loooooooooooves exploring, not being able to go into 99% of the buildings has always sucked for me. G-Spotlight was one of my favourite missions as a kid LOL because we got to go through an office and into an elevator and stuff. I thought it was neat for that reason alone.

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