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How Would You Rate GTA VC Now?

How Would You Rate GTA VC Now?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. How Would You Rate GTA VC Now?

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I’ve seen threads on GTA IV as well as V and SA in relation to this, so I thought I would do this with VC. And yes, I’ll do it with III as well, but either today or tomorrow. I rate it about a 9/10 as it’s my second favorite GTA, beating beaten by only to IV/EFLC. What about YOU GUYS?

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10/10. First GTA I ever played.

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It captured the time period well & it has an impeccable 80s soundtrack.

Nice variety of melee weapons.




cliché predictable & boring story filled with fairly one-dimensional characters.

Tommy is extremely boring & has the personality of the baked potato.

Losing health falling off bikes. 

Horrible camera.

Vice City is overly dense & compact and lacks the living atmosphere that Liberty City captured.

Playing on a console the auto-aim feels awful.

Missions which involve remote control planes...bleh 🤮



Vice city is alright, it lacks the charm & nostalgia I get from III, it doesn't have the scope & ambition of San Andreas or the quality story of IV or the extremely well-written & original script of V...but it was a good game for its time. 




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10/10. The gameplay is _somewhat_ dated compared to more recent entries, but the atmosphere is here to stay.

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A solid 9/10.

Edited by JPFL

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My 3rd Favorite GTA. Brilliant Soundtrack, Atmospheric Map and 80s Setting. Brilliant Dialogue and Characters. Decent gameplay. A bridge from 3 to SA. 

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