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LCS Interiors and Minor Locations in GTA3 Map and so on...

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Will they add Liberty City Stories Interiors and Minor Locations? Went looking for the Safe House I remember and it was an Ally Way when I got there cause time and sh*t. but its much less useful even with another Safe House just down the road, why not add the LCS Safe House here where it belongs. Have they already done this in other places and I just don't know? (adding LCS and VCS Stuff) didn't play VCS or VC much so that's where I've spent much of my time in UG so I cant tell if there farther in progress on LCS and VSC stuff... Is that too much to ask of them they do have a lot on there plate but I don't know how much they are going for in terms of consistency but I think the LCS and the VCS peds could replace the older models making it all look more consistent (Think I've see some mixed in but it looks weird in LC or at least the peds do, but all else looks Fantastic) but back to the more important issue... Will they add more more interiors from these games (I am not sure if they have completely remake them seeing as how they are console exclusives and I imaging it would take a lot of time and work either way) Will the Cities be Mixed in terms of peds and interiors... Some kind of hybrid or Game Specific? I would normally propose that they just add separate Islands for the LCS and VCS Maps but they are doing the whole USA so that's not going to work and it would be a lot of work for a temporary solution... unless they were islands off of the US map or something.


Anyone's Thoughts....

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