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It’s Abigail’s Fault

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2 hours ago, Equatecurl said:

Yeah sure I’ll take your word for it, you sound like a big player

Once upon a time. Been married for years.

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Dark Rosewood Varnish

Abigail annoys the f*ck out of me in the epilogue. Every time John protects her and Jack she has a go at him. Like the time John and Jack go into town to get supplies, it was her fault that he had to say his name was John Marston because she didn't make it clear what name she had her package under which of course led to the encounter with those 3 guys.


If John didn't use force then him and Jack would both be dead but she STILL has a pop at him. I also think she was being dishonest about her job at the doctors office and suspect she possibly went back to her old ways as a working girl, which would make her complete hypocrite. 

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Dealing with hypothetical over a scripted story doesn't make sense.

Rockstar wrote the story so that John's family would be hunted down by the FBI/Pinkertons, whether or not it was Abigail's fault is irrelevant from Rockstar's point of view. The fact that John and Abigail decided to settle down is not a relevant detail, Rockstar could have very well written a story where John was a bounty hunter but he was still forced by the FBI to hunt down his old gang.


But if we have to deal with hypotheticals and whose fault it all was, it's John's fault lol. Whatever his justifications were, he chose to pursue a life of crime that endangered his son and wife. Even though we're dealing with hypotheticals, blaming Abigail because she wanted her family to SETTLE DOWN and do HONEST WORK is a STRETCH.
John knows that pursuing a life of crime will lead the law to chase him down and as a result of endanger is family. How is Abigail suppose to know that settling down could have been the demise of her family?

Blaming Abigail is like blaming the victim of a drunk driver crash because the victim chose to go out for a walk late at night. This thread is literally victim blaming lol. Again, if we're dealing with hypotheticals, John was lucky that Abigail never abandoned him for good.

Edited by IG_

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Cutter De Blanc

I can go for weeks in game without ever taking my gun out of its holster


John can't work 2 days at a ranch without killing someone


Abigail is the problem though?


John is a f*cking deadbeat

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