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GTA IV missing textures, help?


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I was searching about it, I know it is a problem in commandline.txt, I tried all texts and tips I could find, and the only how worked a little was:
-availablevidmem 100.0 
-percentvidmem 80

But it still missing streets, inside Niko's building and half of walls, objects, some walls outside... Can someone help me with that? 

Intel celeron
CPU N2830 
RAM 4,0gb 

I saw it working in some computers like mine.
Ps, Sorry any mistake, English is not my first language.

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Your PC or laptop is a waaay to weak for GTA IV. You can try installing xliveless,scripthook + trafficload fix. That could help. You should use patch - its the best one for performance.

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Try running in the window mode and use this commandline.txt (obviously, change what you want).


-renderquality 0
-shadowdensity 0
-texturequality 0
-viewdistance 0
-detailquality 0
-width 320
-height 240
-availablevidmem 2
-percentvidmem 100
-renderquality 0
-frameLimit 0

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Like @DayL said, your laptop is quite awful and I'm sure that it was already slow and "old" when you bought it (the CPU was launched in 2014).

You could try @FearThoseWhoFearHim's commandline, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to obtain at least 30FPS on low settings.

I guess you're on Windows 8, right? Personally I'd go back to Windows 7 or I'd upgrade to Windows 10... Windows 7 is probably more "GTA IV-friendly" (considering that it's based on Windows Vista), maybe with patch you could obtain some decent results. On the other hand Windows 10 is, in theory, faster than any other old OS especially on low-end hardware. If you go with Windows 10, try to use both (requires commandline for changing in-game options on Windows 10 and 8/8.1) and patches and see which performs better; on Windows 10 I prefer to use the latest patch, but I have a high-end PC so maybe that's not the best solution for you.

Oh, and ignore the in-game benchmark! There's just 1 scene of 30-40 seconds that isn't really the best scenario for having a proper result. Just go outside with Niko in a car, if you've already unlocked the 2nd island try to go around Star Junction... Then you could drive near the coast to see how the game runs when it has to load details in distance.

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