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does this mission work?

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this is an update of my last topic,i uploaded my mission,it looks like my mission glitches at the end on my pc,maybe its diferent on other,please tell me if it works.


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Mission crashes for me after killing every Sindaco member in the compound interior.

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thanks jimmy,i'll have to remake it.

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You don't have to remake it right away dude. There are stuff you can try first. There are a few stuff you can do to tweak the mission and see if that works.


1. I noticed you spawn a lot of objects and actors at the same time. This might not be a problem with this particular mission, but it doesn't hurt to spawn actors/objects sequentially, meaning you spawn a little by little in advance. Try to select one of the previous objectives and spawn a few actors after it and spawn the rest at the original checkpoint you intended to spawn them after. That goes for enemies at Mt. Chiliad and especially the enemies in the interior. Spawn them earlier in the mission, let's say 5-6 checkpoints before you teleport the player inside the house interior. They are not going to move until you teleport the player inside the interior anyway, so it won't make a difference.


2. Since mission crashes immediately after you complete the actor objective (killing every enemy in the house), it means the problem with the mission is most likely with that objective or the objective after it. I don't know which objective comes after you kill every enemy in the house, but try to - select objective before that one, then go delete the objective that comes after the one you just selected and see if the mission crashes when you try to delete it. If it does, then that objective is the problem. You can try to solve it by creating a new objective before that one (create a teleport player objective and teleport the player into one of the empty rooms inside the same house interior you had a shootout in) Then try deleting the one objective that had caused the crash. I know you have player animation objective after the objective that crashes, meaning you made the player do the animation inside a cutscene I guess. Don't do that. Delete that and rather create an actor that's the same skin as your player and make him do the regular animation (but teleport the player before somewhere inside the house as I told you). Those are the ideas on top of my head. Try those if you haven't already deleted the original unlocked mission.

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thanks man,ill try that.

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