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Grotti Vigilante

The Lost MC and the Van der Line Gang

BONUS POLL: Who do you think would win in an all-out battle between these two gangs?  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. BONUS POLL: Who do you think would win in an all-out battle between these two gangs?

    • The Lost Motorcycle Club
    • The Van der Linde Gang

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Grotti Vigilante

I thought that it would be interesting to bring up this subject because I feel like there is an interesting parallel between the Lost MC and the Van der Linde gang in both Rockstar Games titles. Let us compare the gangs and their stories:


The Lost MC leader, Billy Grey, by the start of his respective game appearance, seemed to be becoming increasingly insane as time went on. He went from being a well respected leader to someone who members of the gang, including his closest ally and Vice President of the gang, are starting to question the ways of. Because of this increasing doubt and conflict, Billy decides to set up Johnny to be killed in an ambush, while Brian Jeremy goes along with it and stays blindly loyal to Billy throughout the game. Eventually, the gang splits up into factions after a row between Johnny and Billy, with some taking the side of Brian and others the side of Johnny, mostly the characters we play with throughout the story. In the end, Billy is killed and the gang's Alderney chapter is disbanded. Years later, the last remnants of it are killed, ending it once and for all.


In parallel, Dutch van der Linde expected blind loyalty and faith from his gang members, and when Arthur begins to increasingly doubt and question him, Dutch begins getting frustrated and turning more towards Micah Bell who shows the blind loyalty that he so desires. Because of this, a rift in the gang occurs, but this time the gang sides with Dutch because most of the ones who would've stayed loyal to Arthur are dead or have ran away. As such, instead of Dutch being killed, Arthur instead meets his end either due to his tuberculosis or Micah killing him. To add to this, the gang falls apart later on it's own due to Micah not actually being blindly loyal in the end after he starts ratting them out to the Pinkertons. Soon, all but one of it's last remnants (Jack Martson) are destroyed, almost ending it's legacy completely.


So with that, we can clearly see that the Lost MC and the Van der Linde Gang have many similarities and parallels, and Billy Grey is strikingly similar to Dutch van der Linde in terms of personality aside from what they're like at the end of it. When being confronted by their last once close allies, Billy tries to kill Johnny with no remorse, but Dutch clearly has some degree of care for his gang at least. Especially Arthur and John since they were so like his own sons. He just had too much of an ego to bring himself to admit any of it. So with that, what other parallels can you find between both gangs and their leaders?


As a bonus question, who do you think would actually win in a battle between these two gangs? Personally, I think the Lost MC take this one just because they have much greater weapons. The Van der Linde Gang are certainly a force to be reckoned with, but they don't have access to all the modern deadlier equipment that Terry can get a hold of. Let us just assume then that in this scenario, both gangs have the same weapons to even the odds a bit more. For me, the outcome of this battle is determined largely on which weapons are used. If it's the 1900s weapons, then I think the Van der Linde Gang would win due to being more accustomed to their use, while if were dealing with the 2008 weapons, the Lost MC are more adept at using them. But what do you think in all three cases? Let us know down below. 

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The Van Der Linde Gang because of Arthur alone. The rest of the people in both gangs are mostly pretty much idiots. 

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15 hours ago, TheSantader25 said:

The Van Der Linde Gang because of Arthur alone. The rest of the people in both gangs are mostly pretty much idiots. 

Yea lol


If we're going by what they can do in gameplay then Arthur and John alone will deal with the Lost MC with literally no issues. They're the two most talented sharp shooters in the RDR/GTA universes due to Deadeye.

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