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[SA|WIP] GTA:SA Remastered Artwork + Extras

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In this topic I will share some of the remastered style artwork I created (or edited), to give your modified version of SA a brand new shiny look.


  • GTAtitles

This is a slightly modified version of the original trailer of the mobile version of The Game, Rockstar released. The P.E.G.I. info at the start was removed and a "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Remastered" splash screen was added. Find it here.



  • title_pc_US

Can be placed in /models/txd/LOADSCD.txd. It has an astonishing resolution, while keeping the original look. It's an edited image from Rockstar's website. Download it here.



  • Map poster

Everyone should remember that huge poster that was included with The Game. This is the high resolution map on the one side of it, which I edited so it looks as it should. Unfortunately I could not find the other side, the box-art vertical logo of the game in high resolution. It would make a nice poster for someone who would like to print it. Can be found here.



  • HD icon pack

You might have noticed how ugly the icon of executable file (gta_sa.exe) of The Game is. This pack contains 2 HD icons (.ico) that you can use to make it look way better. Just download the icon pack from here, then create a shortcut of the executable, right click > Properties > Change Icon... and select the desired .ico file. Alternatively, you could use "7zip" or "Resource Hacker" to change the icon pack inside the executable. Credits to Zom-Bear for the icons.



  • Logo

Just a square 1024 x 1024 image of Rochell'le and The Game's logo. I used it to print a cover for a CD case I had. It might prove useful to you as well : Download.

  • Mobile splash screens

Those are the splash screens from the mobile version of The Game. Get them here.


Post comments with your ideas on what else should I take care of!



Edited by BustaCJ

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I am very proud to announce that I've been working on the poster/map that came with a physical copy of The Game. And the results are actually very good. Resolution? Infinite (really)! I packed it into an SVG file (scalable vector graphics) so you can scale it up to any resolution without loosing quality! I'm probably gonna upload it tomorrow. If you have found a better source image like the one I will post, please send it so the poster can be improved. Also, I'm trying to extract the respective title_pc_US out of the mobile version of The Game. They are those black and white disclaimers that feature Rockstar's logo in the background.

Edited by BustaCJ

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Currently working on that poster. It will have a resolution of 7913 x 10000. No, you are not blind (I am 😛). You should be able to have a professional print it for you and you'll have a brand new huge poster! It will take some time for me to complete it though. Also, don't expect crazy levels of detail. Have in mind that my source image had a resolution of 1187 x 1500 and it was in JPEG format (ew!). It was the best I could find. We can pretty much say that I turned 💩 into glitter. It will be ready in no longer than a week.

Edited by BustaCJ

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