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Play each weekend to receive 250k

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Have logged in once in three weeks, the first weekend of the month. Don't care to do so and 250k isn't even close to tempt me. 25 million, ok, 2.5 million, maybe.

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Added a comment to my original ticket and this time a guy named Spencer assisted me. He acknowledged I didn't receive the second 250K and fixed it. Just logged in and I effectively received it. He also gave me this URL regarding the money rewards:




This guy helped me and it happened fast, so I'm happy and case closed for me.

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So this might explain why some of you haven't received your log in bonus each week. Here is my latest reply from Rockstar support.


"The log in bonus would still be applicable if you logged in to an invite only session, but we are only able to see that you logged in if there was activity on your account like gaining or spending GTA$, gaining RP or buying or selling items."


So for many of us who just log in (to private sessions at least), mill around for a little bit then log out, their system isn't recording our log in data. So whatever session you drop in to, you have to actually do something like spend money, earn money, or gain RP for their system to recognize that you were in the game.

Edited by Kiethblacklion

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I've always logged in to an invite only session, but I still received my first 250K without me having to contact Rockstar support. I just make sure I spend some money while I'm logged in (e.g. buy a few snacks).

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They should be more specific in their description in that case, call it a 'player' or 'game play' bonus and say you will receive the money for playing during the proscribed time, not logging in.

It doesn't matter to me, if I log in I'm going to be playing for at least a little while, and in my case that means making a little money at least, but they should be more transparent in their advertising.

Edited by kcole4001

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