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Recommended Posts

2 hours ago, Chrismads said:

I felt the same way at first.. but then I tried dual wielding with dead eye. 

I think my k/d must have doubled since then. 

But I spend alot of time picking indian tobaco now.

The accuracy of your weapons is increased when dead eye is in use, by accuracy I mean the reticle is as tight as it can be, reducing all possibility of your bullets straying off course from where you're aiming. Normally you have to wait for the reticle to tighten but Dead Eye makes it to where you do not have to do that. To get reliable accuracy dual wielding, Dead Eye must always be in use, otherwise you gotta wait much longer to land accurate shots dual wielding than you would using a single side arm. I prefer to not be using Dead Eye constantly just so I can hit the broadside of a barn, and go through Snake Oil faster than a drunk goes through alcohol.

Edited by Ghoffman9

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2 hours ago, UncleScrooge said:

I'm also a lancaster vs litchfield guy, yet despite having good aim and sometimes headshoting my target they never die. I've upgraded the guns too to improve them. What's the trick to actually getting them to work like they do in story mode?

You wanna deal high damage to anywhere but the head when your opponent got never without one and slow and steady. Against low ranks and npc I always use lancaster for easier headshots, with split point. But against proper pvp players, body shots with a  Litchfield with express ammo is my go to as its the best long range dps. 

Mid range, my favorite is double express schofield. They out dps all repeaters and rifles. Dunno if any pistols are better, don't use them... its a wild west game..


Close range, shotguns obviously. I think 2 x sawed off is at the top of cqc. But I used pump action, it do just fine for me

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