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What the hell were R* doing with these textures??

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Recently I've discovered something strange. Yesterday my cousin and I were playing SA's 2 player free roam on PS2 (yes this is still a thing, lol) while we waited for a friend so we could kick back a bar later on. Anyway we were near idlewood when he mentioned there was strange looking faces on the walls. I though he was just a little off or something since we were passing one together. We looked closer and it appears to be covered with faces of the damn devil??? This seems a little too obvious. Can't be no bug or misplaced textures or anything because the walls speak for themselves. What the hell was R*'s deal with messing around with textures and adding sinister sh*t to them? This entire wall is covered with demon faces and other ones I can't explain :blink: 






The area where we were at next to that pizza stack and old reeces barber shop.




Would anyone have any explanations for this? It's not the first time I seen weird textures like this. There's a few more throughout the map If i recall correctly but they actually seem to be bugged or misplaced but I can't explain this one? This one seems to be quite obvious and that's the eerie part in all of this....

Edited by Big_Smiley

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lil weasel

Imagination.  Like Watching clouds, and seeing things formed by them.

When I look at your wall image, I see a Bug in the centre of it.

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I saw a devil too, but after @lil weasel's post I see a cooked turkey.


Good spot, but on this occasion it's the way R* made this seamless texture. Obviously didn't pay too much attention to it. But what a coincidence!

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Its Imagination. But I dont doubt it either. Im no nut case but you even see it on Rockstargames logo. The Inverted pentagram with the R. I kinda see what you see bud. But who the f*ck knows....

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