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Lil Quincy

Roleplaying in Singleplayer

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Lil Quincy

Hello, my name is Quincy and for the last months I have been "roleplaying"  in singleplayer. (Yes, I know that there's already been topics about this, but they are all inactive so I decided to do another one myself, also this is the first time I do a topic like this on a forum so excuse me if I missed some points)


So.. how I do it?

Firstly, I install Cleo 4 from http://cleo.li.

Well, then I install some mods, them usually being Cheat MenuChange Clothes Anywhere and Weapon Dropper.

After that, I install the GTA San Andreas Beta Animations Mod. (because of that "gangsta"  walking style)

And (this one is optional, and I did it just once), Ginput.

Yeah, GInput, that mod that let's you play GTA SA with a controller, but why? Well, because with a controller, you can walk / jog at different speeds (that you can't really reach on PC) for example "fast walking" and you can drive more fluid with a car.

Also, it's harder to aim if you are not using lock-on, doing that so I don't headshot anybody instantly, feels more realistic.


Then, I go in GTA San Andreas, and start a new game, take the bike, and slowly ride my bike to Grove Street, parking the BMX next to CJ's house, and getting into the checkpoint.

Then I do the mission trying to get shot as less as possible, doing tricks like doing a circle when ballas are close to me, etc. When I finish the mission, I save CJs BMX into the garage, and go save the game.

    After I save the game, I go on Opera (yes, I use opera instead of Chrome) and install the GTA Sa Save Game Editor.

Why I install the save game editor? Well, because in there, you can disable the:

- roadblocks (you still get wanted if you leave LS in the beggining of the game but it's more realistic)

- that annoying tutorial when you get Wasted or Busted that annoys everybody, making them not being able to move.

- Making day longer (you can change how much (in miliseconds) a minute in game is)

- And many more things.

After that, I go to Ryder, make his mission, then hang out with homies and do other roleplay activities, do a mission per day, go out and eat, sleep when night comes, try new cuts (make my hair Jheri Curl, then Afro, then High afro, stuff like that), stealing cars, evading police, trying not to get shot and many more fun activities.





Or another thing that I've done was speedrunning through the game, doing a fast any% (took me like 4 days), then go in save game editor and edit the turfs (yeah you can do that) and make zones where only groves hang at, only ballas, only vagos etc. And some zones where both Ballas and Groves or Aztecas and Vagos hang at (small areas), because you can kill them, also disable the gang wars, try making money while doing taxi missions, hang out with your homies, reply to them, go to strip club, roleplay buying weapons from homies and many more.


Write down below what are you " roleplay " as in GTA San Andreas (if you do). If you don't, just try it out!


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lil weasel

Stop right there.


The GTA San Andreas forum is NOT for Modding, Modding questions, Modding problems, nor Modding discussions.

Please, repost in the proper section of the GTA Mods Forum:



AND, "Role Playing" is in the Mind of the Individual Player, it is called imagination.



Edited by lil weasel

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