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[PS4] Galasso Crime Family recruiting new members


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Galasso Crime Family
"Vice City Crime Family"




In 1987 Francesco "Frank" Galasso a former member of the Gambetti Crime Family left Liberty City and moved to Vice City to work fos his uncle Anthoney Galasso the former Don and founder of the Galasso Crime Family. Frank became Don of the Galasso Crime Family in 1989, after the death of his uncle. Under Frank's leadership the Galasso's became one of the many powerful criminal organizations in Vice City. During the late 1990s, Frank was arrested several times by the VCPD for racketeering, exertion, murder and obstruction of justice. Althrough Frank was acquitted of all charges.


In 2018 Frank Galasso died peacefully in his sleep in the Galasso Estate in Vice City, after the death of Frank Galasso his son John Galasso became the new Don of the crime family, in this same year John expan the family operations to Los Santos by buying the Richman Hotel in Los Santos. 




How can you join the family:

  • Go to our Rockstar Social Club crew account and request an invite. Express your interest in joining of our community via direct message.
  • When you have been accepted in our family, you will send a message to the crew leader and commissioner(s).
  • You will start in the rank of associate and prove yourself.
  • After proving yourself you get a promotion to the rank of soldier, this means that you will be a made man in our family by a special ceremony and take the oath of omerta




Link website: https://galassocrimefamily.weebly.com/ 



Edited by BPPD89
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